Urban Air Birmingham

Air Urban Birmingham

Have fun with ALL the family at this Labor Day Weekend at Urban Air Homewood! Children often drive their parents up the wall, but in the Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park they can climb the walls on their own. Homewood, AL | Urban air trampoline and adventure park When you are looking for the best all year round outdoor entertainment in Birmingham's subway area, such as Mountain Brook, Fairfield and Midfield, Urban Air Trampolines and Adventure park is the ace. Bring your children's birthdays to the next levels or enjoy a full enjoyable experience with your whole host and you' ll see why we are more than just a streetcart.

Birthdays, raised. We' re taking kids' birthdays in Homewood to a whole new world. Party reservation specialists take care of all the detail from beginning to end so you can concentrate on your child's big holiday.

Air Urban Trampoline & Adventure Park in Homewood, AL will be extended with Indoor Go Kart Track.

Leading the world in the home amusement sector, Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park announced its Homewood, AL site, to be expanded with a brand new, state-of-the-art in-door go-kart circuit. The Urban Air Homewood extension will be Alabama's first in-door, two-story, electrical go-kart circuit and will feature 18 different route configuration choices offering the driver unparalleled course choices to make the trip memorable every time they see it.

This ultra-modern go-kart circuit is scheduled to open at the end of December 2016. The Urban Air Homewood in-door circuit offers both adults and young high-performance go-karts with speed up to 50ph. They will also be offering the nation's first ever pair go-kart, which will be capable of up to 50 milliphs, making the two-person driving adventure the first of its kind.

Helmet and security training is available for both driver and passenger. Go -cart races and already available Urban Air events, as well as walls to walls rebounds, Völkerball, Dodgeball, drop zone stunt bags, Tumor tracks, slot dark zones, The Urban Warrior Course?, Warrior Battle Beam and TUBES Obstacle Course.

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