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All I wanted to do was sharing my experience/story with this travel website name ONETRAVEL.COM and I thought I got a good business from them, but it's all false and I'll keep away for them if I were you. Buying my tickets round trip from Costa Rica to the Philippines and very lucky thinking that I made a good business.

ý1week prior to my trip I began getting call and e-mail alarm that they modified my trip ý iterinaryý and itýs okay because they modify the case when they return home so I just have to act in LAX for 12 work time I can handle and no Biggie. But since they are altering my scheduled LAX to Costa Rica service, I have to delay 12hrs before my next trip, so I chose to run around and spent those 10hrs in LA.

Does the 10 hour flight burn outside and really depleted, so it' s a good idea to go to AVIANCA airline and get checked in and go home, but when I get to the switch, wasn't I mentioned as a ticket? Ok, must be a fault? so I'll speak to them and ask them to verify because it's not possible and I have the online verification with me.

Eventually they found my name, but my plane was last night. What? AVIANCA asked me to call ONETRAVEL and I tried, but their support was not 24-7. I OMG don't want to be spending another overnight here, so I went to speak with AVIANCA supervisor and explained to me that they can't do anything because they're not the caterer.

I' m even offering to buy another pass, but they said they couldn't. Fatigued, worn out and drowsy, the overseer said I should try to speak to Cathay Pacific, so I go from Gate 2 to Gate 3 (not that far). The Cathay Pacific managers spoke to me and explained directly that I have to spend $100 for the delayed arrivals, then they will try to speak to the AVIANCA managers about what they did and solve my problem.

Said the trouble was the travel agent. Im not going to tell any more about going back and forth to pier 2 to pier 3, but I did 5 more back and forth going to the airliner because my name doesn't appear but they solved my trip in the end. Review.

ONETRAVEL and the manager declined to pay back my $100 and said it to me because I had it. Aw, they are blaming me for not confirming the iterative changes I made in their e-mail notifications.

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