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Purchase a personal aircraft

Choose the type of aircraft you want to buy. Can give some rough answers, based on my experience with owning a small aircraft. What does it take to buy a used small aircraft for personal use? What are the running costs? In the USA.

Can give some approximate answer, basing on my experiences with ownership of a small aircraft. Well, my plane might be a little tougher to negotiate because it went down and got mended a couple of time. I' ll divide it with another man and we' ll divide the cost. At $250 a flat rate per capita per year, we invest to meet our overheads such as park charges, insurances and our full service year.

Every flight lesson, we'll put in $40 for servicing. Aeroplane will burn about 8 gal per hours and gasoline is about $5 per gal. A flight lesson is about $80. Airports charge $160 a monthly for park. About $2,000 a year for an inspector. For several years we spend $5,000 to fix issues found during the year.

Coverage costs are set by the least skilled pilots on the programme payment roll. Approximately $1,500 a year for your policy. In the event of an accident, the insurer will pay for the replacement or repair of the aircraft. Because we want to repair it instead of just getting some cash, we assure it for more than it's worth. What's that?

In my opinion, I spend about 10-14 flying lessons every months, I go out a few nights a week to spend two of them. I' m a licensed technician, so I do some of my own mending. There is no good place for me to work on the plane myself, so most of the time what I do is replace my own fuel.

but the plane was unavailable for four and a half years. There' s not really a way to cut cost by saving on servicing. When something breaks or is used up, it must be repaired. Anything that can be repaired, I'll have it repaired.

One of the most distressing aspects of aircraft owning is MRO. To find a good technician working on your plane is hard in my area, I fly the plane to a more rustic place where the technician jobs are more available and cheaper. The parts are pricey, the work is pricey at $100 an honest man an hour. What?

Remember the repairman I used? He paid $400 to get the oils changed. You also need new lubricating fluid every 50 operatinghours.

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