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Most accurate (and free) taxi cost calculator in the UK. Taxis are approved by the local authorities in many major cities throughout the UK and in many places it is necessary to paint them in a specific colour. Finding and using a licensed taxi (black taxi in London) or minicab company in England, Scotland or Wales. Taxis and minicabs for London, Birmingham, Manchester and the UK. Booking a licensed taxi or minicab online via the website or mobile app.

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If you are traveling, organizing your own trips or just travelling from a to a, a taxi to the UK is often the most comfortable option. There are a number of taxi operators who can reduce the stress of urban traffic with low cost offers and fast trips. In order to reserve a British taxi, just let us know where you are going and from where, we will give you the best British taxi fares available.

Do you need to reserve a taxi? As soon as you have found a taxi in the UK with which you are satisfied, you can make your reservation today. Do you need a British taxi to the international airports? You can also use our UK taxi services to take you from the UK airports to the UK. So if you are looking for a UK taxi from a more isolated part of the UK we can find UK taxi businesses that you can easily and conveniently book on-line.

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This website contains a barrier-free system. To customize the website for people with visual impairments who use a display reading device, push Control-F11; to open a barrier-free access point, push Control-F10. Push a key. We take transport and immediate ordering to the next stage with a truly integrated worldwide on-demand ecosystem already extending across 120 towns and territories.

Setting of taxis in the UK or licenced miniabs in the UK

Taxi travel can be the quickest and most comfortable way to get from a train terminal to your accomodation or to bring you home safe at nights. An authorized taxi is a vehicle that has been conceived to carry passenger payments. There is a taxi at a taxi stand or it can be summoned while driving by lifting your hands against the taxi drivers (this is referred to as a taxi call).

A taxi does not stop when it is occupied (the lights on the roof of the taxi are off) or when there is no secure place to stop. The majority of cabs are approved for a 4 or 5 person capacity (in some places there are also some bigger cabs that transport 7 or 8 persons and it is possible to rent a mini bus or bus for bigger groups).

Minicabs are a kind of personal rental cars. Normally it must be approved by the locals, but from the outside it may look like an ordinary, unsigned automobile. The majority of mini-cab businesses are secure and dependable, but you should be cautious. Minicabs must be reserved in advanced. They can order a mini cab by phone or from outside the company's offices.

If you are travelling in an unbooked mini cab, you are not insured and you may be exposed to a certain degree of individual peril. In case the car does not have a metre inside, you should make sure that the price of the ticket has been arranged before you start your trip.

It' s better to reserve in anticipation if you want to take a mini cab at rush hours (e.g. after 11 p.m. (when many bars close), on a December night with lots of Christmas parties) or at uncommon hours (e.g. early in the morning), or if you want to cover a long stretch (e.g. to an airport).

They may not be insured, so you may not be insured in the event of an accident. However, if you have an insured driver, you may not be insured. Sometimes humans are looted or assaulted by those who claim to be taxi riders, so always be cautious, especially if you are a single mistress. FIND A TAXI - All over the UK you can find out if there is a taxi stand at a railway or metro terminal in the UK:

To find a listing of your company, please type in your zip code or place name on one of these pages: - This is the case when a taxi is not always lacquered in London (it is not always lacquered in black). Those cabs should be secure, and the chauffeurs know the London streets well.

Computer cabin ( uk) and radio taxis ( are two of the biggest taxi operators licenced. There'?s a London agency named Cabwise. When you send an SMS to 60835, you get the phone numbers of a taxi operator and two licenced mini-cab operators near you.

At the end of a good overnight stay it is enticing to climb into the first mini cab you see on the road. However, if you do this without making a reservation, there are no records of your trip or your chauffeur, and you could endanger yourself. To find the most secure way to a mini cab and get home, please complete the following three simple stages.

Booking your mini cab with a licensed mini cab provider by telephone, e-mail or in a mini cab bureau. Ensure that the chauffeur can verify your name and your location before getting into the vehicle and verify the chauffeur's ID * Seat yourself in the back: - Any mini cab not posted by telephone, e-mail or in a mini cab bureau is unlawful, hazardous and puts you at danger of aggression, even violent sex and theft.

It is forbidden to turn to mini cab riders and any mini cab rider approaching you on the road is illegal. - The only taxis that can be held by clients and picked up from the road are those in blacks. - Signing up for your minicable ensures that your journey is made by a licenced, assured traveler in the licenced, assured car.

This also means that a log of your trip, your drivers and the car you are using will be kept so that in the case of a malfunction the drivers can be tracked. Just send an SMS to 60835 and you will get two mini cabin numbers and a taxi number (black taxi) directly to your cell phones.

London "black taxi" Tell the taxid exactly where you want to go. In order to prevent a mistakes, you can note down the location and inform the rider (some places may seem similar, but are far apart). Ensure that this is clear, perhaps by giving the name of another place near the destination to the rider.

Taximeter in a London "black taxi" For a licenced taxi the costs are displayed on a counter. At the end of the trip, the taxi will inform you of the full fee. If, for example, the overall costs are 5 lbs. 50, the taxi rider could say, "That's 5 lbs. 50, please.

Answer by giving the rider a 10-pound mark and saying, "Could I have 4 quid cash, please? Riders may not be carrying a lot of loose cash around, so you should try to give the accurate cash if you can, and refrain from using large bills (50 quid bills may not be accepted).

When it is getting too late and you are feeling insecure, you can ask the taxi cab fare to let you in before you leave. There is no measuring device in a mini cab. In order to prevent possible argumentation, you should arrange travel expenses before the trip (usually the business has a lump sum for each destination).

In London all taxis can take a wheelchair and should have a dock. It is possible that you may meet someone who will refuse to take you with them or who says that the loading bay is not available for some reasons. In addition to taxis in blacks, many other taxis and privately rented cars have wheelchairs: please get in touch with the firm directly for more information.

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