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What can a price-conscious traveller do?

Onboard the Budget flight to New York.

Cheap carriers, like Ryanair, have already discussed transit flight projects, but have not yet come through. Only a few short flights old at the start of the first flight, the new plane feels generally neat and roomy, supported by cabins designed for "up and down" storage.

Although the containers are conceived in such a way that they are'easy for all users to open, charge and close', they may still be somewhat hard for short users to access. Although many travellers did not notice a "remarkable difference" in indoor climate cleanliness, cabins are lower in compression and are considered clean, which contributes to reducing headache, vertigo and tiredness.

"Can' t say I don't really think I am feeling like I normally do when I get off a flight, but I think it was well vented, the indoor climate was good and I don't get too sleepy at the end of the flight," said Olivia, a woman from Massachusetts, USA who lives in London. Half of the passengers' legs dropped quite near, if not against the front seats, but that was no big shock, especially for larger travellers who were struggling with much poorer results on other low-cost carriers like Ryanair and EasyJet.

Legs space on planes is generally hard for me, but I was in a gang chair, so it wasn't awful. Certainly there was more room for the legs than Ryanair, but not as roomy as a JetBlue flight. "5 "5") and British Airways, which has a seating inclination of 31-34". The Norwegian language was sharply criticized for demanding fresh air last year on long-haul routes between Oslo and New York, and has since altered its policies to provide free air for all travellers.

Then on the first flight he went to the check-in counter quite early to try to reserve a place in the windows. However, the workman told him that the windows were all reserved by others on-line. Currently the cheapest fare for a one-way flight to New York for March 2015 is 179 pounds with Norwegian, which is significantly lower than a fare for the same trip with British Airways (293 pounds) and Virgin Atlantic (352 pounds).

At present, the same rates also apply to trips in January 2015 for all three carriers. However, some of the prizes payed by travellers on the first New York flight seemed to deviate from this model. "Every carrier - including the low-cost carrier - will generally lower fare at a point close to take-off if places do not sell well.

"They may not be paying the cheapest possible ticket but at least you get the desired flight at a sensible price," she added.

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