Travel Ticket Prices

Prices for travel tickets

Tariffs and Worldtickets Travelling around the globe is not only for young or self-employed people. Student, retired and even working people with a few week's holiday can take full benefit of the low prices and flexible round-the-world tours. From a few to a few years, you can circle the globe for almost any amount of work.

Business travel rates for the simplest round the globe ticket starts at less than US$2,000. A ticket around the globe is a discounted rate (or set of point-to-point tickets) that allows you to travel to different towns and to different parts of the globe. Those complimentary travel passes are available through airlines and travel agents that specialise in traveling around the globe and can help you cut costs and organise your travel route.

Continue reading to find out where you can buy worldwide ticket sales, how they work and what they costs. View a ticket around the globe when travelling within one journey to more than one planet. Select your favorite country or city, along with a general indication of how long you would like to stay in each location, and then contact one of the operators below for help with your routeing.

Please be aware that it is possible to create your own round-the-world ticket by marking each stage of your journey as individual. It is recommended that you do a fast review on a website such as or and then compare the rates you see with the offers from the following suppliers.

Ticket companies around the globe are of two major types: air carriers and specialties. Our three worldwide carrier agreements enable you to combine the entire range of member carrier services into one single continual journey. Every Allianz has at least one ticket options around the globe. Tariffs are determined on the basis of the number of kilometres you travel or the number of islands you travel.

They may not be your most versatile options, as some demand that you book all stages of your journey in advance. However, you may not be able to book all stages in your journey. Limitations may exist as to which directions you can travel (some circumnavigational tariffs might ask you to travel in only one way, either eastwards or westwards), or how many kilometres you can travel.

A benefit of traveling around the globe through an alliance is that you are entitled to accumulate mileage for the carrier fidelity programme of your choosing. For information on the circumnavigation of the globe by ticket for each Allianz, see the following links: Special agencies: Most of these agents are consolidation agents who can compile point-to-point one-way ticket packages that beat the cheapest economies of airlines that form airlines networks.

Make sure you ask if your ticket is suitable for FFP mileage, as this may differ from agent to agent. You' ll find that tariffs around the globe through these agents start at about $1,300, which is a very simple New York - London - Hong Kong - New York ticket.

Instead of reselling you a ticket around the globe, the agent asks you where you want to stop and then issues you a set of point-to-point ticket. Below are some agents that specialise in ticketing around the world: Note the same cautions you would take when purchasing a ticket from a worldwide travel agent as you would from a Consolidator, such as debiting your ticket from a major debit carrier and directly verifying all reservations/seat allocations with the airline.

Flexible: That can be the most important determinant for the successful outcome of your journey. Please review the General Business Rules before booking your ticket for the Round the World Round Tour. Remember that being flexible is often accompanied by higher rates, so you need to balance your travel budgets against your travel itineraries.

Many travellers find travel in First or Business classes far beyond their own fare - but if you have a small pillow in your travel package, consider buying the additional cash to buy a ticket around the globe in it. Long distance flights and life on the roads for a longer amount of space can be tough on your physique, and you may be amazed at how much you appreciate this recreational ride on a roomy aircraft seating when you've been on the move for four consecutive years.

When it comes to cash, remember that using your round-the-world ticket is not always the most economic way to get from point A to point B. For short trips, please contact your nearest rail or coach company or any low cost airline operating in the same area.

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