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Intrav's private jet around the world. The Intrav Private Jet Tours offers a journey to the exotic treasures of the world. Indeed, the ultimate privately guided safari experience, &Beyond's Private Jet Journeys offer an unparalleled opportunity to explore Africa's most popular destinations in sublime exclusivity.

Five most luxury private jet tours in the worlds

But for those who have the means, luxurious private jet trips are one of the most unforgettable ways to see the outside canvas. For the most seasoned travel agents, the best accommodation, the best food and the best adventure that any traveller can wish for is what they are looking for. Traveller information, which includes typical temperature, climatic averages, clothing for different places and similar detail, is described in detail in each travelogue.

Travelling to the worlds finest attractions, private Jet Tours provides you with a unique experience. There are 25 itineraries. Expeditions begin in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the Ritz Carlton, where tour guides gather their experienced tour group. Opening the trip with a galadinner. After that, the flight to Rio De Janeiro, Easter Island, Bora Bora, Australia, Myanmar, India, Istanbul and Marrakech will be combined with accommodation in excellent hotel accommodation.

Ideal for travellers who want to explore some of the legendary but still unique places in the wide range of destinations in the globe. $99,950 per capita for this unbelievable, life-changing trip around the globe. Four Seasons Hotels offer an exciting chance to enjoy the luxury of traveling in the Four Seasons private jet and a selected route for those who appreciate the best accommodation, the best food, the best services and the best encounters.

Excursions include Costa Rica, Hawaii, Australia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Tanzania, Morocco and Portugal. Price is $137,000 per capita per day assuming dual booking for the 25 day trip. It is an excellent route for those who want to spend time in comfort and at the same time enjoying the luxuries of every holiday they have.

This 21-day trip takes you to 7 different destinations and shows you the most authentically animal world, historical and cultural heritage. Departure from Madrid, where our guest and crew gather for supper. Then on to Ethiopia, a game drive on the Serengeti in Tanzania, South Africa for the water and wine regions and a chopper trip on the Cape Peninsula and a trip to the Cape of Good Hope; Botswana to see how the rivers live; Zimbabwe and the Victoria Falls; Uganda and the mountain gorillas; and last but not least the Moroccan dessert marvels before we return to Madrid.

Price starts at $92, 500 per capita, dual use. Fulfilled with many fantastic attractions, this is a trip for all who long to see Africa to the full. And who doesn't daydream of fleeing to a hot little isle? Kona, Hawaii; Port Vila and Whitsun Isle, Vanuatu; Palau utopia; Java, Indonesia; Sri Lanka; Malay Islands; Zanzibar, Tanzania; Agrigento, Italy; Madeira, Portugal; and Bermuda.

Prices for singles are $88,900 and $79. 950 for doubles. Private jet for this route is a Boeing 757, which has flight plans that touch down near targets and directly operate, with accelerated duty whenever possible through ATS. There is a limit of 80 seats.

With Bose earphones that suppress sound, the jet also features in-flight presentation and lecture by experienced tour leaders. Jet personnel will take good care of your baggage throughout the trip. A 20-day trip through the planet's varied and miraculous eco-systems provides an opportunity to see and experience unique and legendary wildlife in their own habitats.

On the route are Kona, Hawaii to see blue turtle, dolphin and migratory hunchback whale; Papua, New Guinea to see parrot, cockatoo, cormorant, horned birds and birds of paradise; Borneo, Malaysia to see saved orang-utans, proboscideans and Kingfisher; Yesipur in quest of leopards, Bengali leopards and striated hyaenas; Tanzania to see animals such as Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard and Cape Buffalo; Rwanda to see vulnerable Alpine Giant Lilies; and the last stop to London, England to combine with homeward flight or staying a while.

This private jet provides personnel for every need and luxurious seating in cowhide upholstery. There is a price of $92,900 for singles and $83,950 for doubles. Accommodation in all hotels is equipped with a wide range of convenient conveniences and is in an immediate and welcoming location. Although not a private jet trip, it provides a stunning scenic flight by chopper to see the ice bear and northern lights.

Accommodation, a luxurious Arctic Igloo Dome Camp trip, the Montreal to Kangiqsualujuaq flights, food and activity on the list and experienced Inuit Guide and Guide who are skilled in conducting the trips are all included. The possibility to take the private jet during the trip is a great luxurious experience. Many private planes provide private transport, but those that are equipped with the best interior spaces and services are the ones that make unforgettable impressions that will last a life time.

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