Cost to take a Private Jet

Costs for the use of a private jet

Since the aircraft offers nine seats, the cost per person is reasonable. When you travel with your family from Teterboro to Palm Beach, you will want to take a faster jet. It'?s only the excessively rich who own their own private jet. ( Read more: Luxurious round-the-world flights with private jets to take off).

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What does it cost to buy a private jet?

May 19th How much does it cost to buy a private jet? If private aviation is the dot on the i, then the best thing is to own your own aircraft. Innumerable expenditures, regulatory proceedings and service charges need to be considered. However, if you fly more than 350 hrs per year, the cost and problems of having your own private jet are usually justifiable.

If you need help locating an aircraft and conducting the trial, call us and we'll help you find the aircraft of your choice. Prices for a private jet are very different. When you look at new aircraft, small aircraft that can carry about 8 people are between $3 million and $8 million.

A large aircraft that can carry up to 12 people and cover more than 4,000 mileage can cost up to $45 million. As an alternative, a used planer is always an optional extra, but there are some problems that you should be mindful of. Even though the aircraft can cost significantly less, used nozzles often run tens of millions of dollars together in repairs invoices, especially if they do not yet meet all branch requirements.

That can interrupt your deal for a few month, and the issues are likely to recur. New aircraft, on the other side, are usually offered with a 5-year guarantee that does not include daily maintenance, but is certainly a welcome draw. Not to say that purchasing a second handed jet is a poor concept, it's just a good way to have an experienced professional on your side to make sure you get what you're paying for.

Once you've found the flawless aircraft, you'll probably want to add a few details of a personality, and according to your budgets, the globe is your egg. Last but not least, the last thing to buy a private jet is to keep it going, which is not to be overestimated! Insurances, fuels, catering equipment and pilot can cost over $150,000 a year!

Then there are the expenses for the airline attorneys who help with the purchasing, and of course the logistic of the search and selection of your crews and pilots, aircraft servicing, coordination of timetables and aircraft parkings when it is not in the skies. As an alternative, we can offer you charter aircraft handling for VIPs, i.e. all discounts without the tragedy.

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