Book a Private Jet Flight

Booking a private jet flight

We will confirm the availability and the final price for your preferred option. SkyJet offers charter services for those who wish to book their next private flight. Travel + Recreation In order to provide you with the best possible experience on our websites and in our application, Meredith works with third parties to deliver advertisements, which include personalised advertisements. We may use our Web site and application information technology to track your activities on our Web site and through our Web site and other Web site and device information.

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We know what our customers expect from a travelling adventure and we take good pride in what they are looking for when they are travelling. Our many years of advising customers have taught us that there is no one single factor - when you are flying with style and aim. All our managers and employees contribute their knowledge, tastes and skills to the private airline world.

They dedicate themselves to the airplane and the arts of flying charters and identifying what our customers want and how we can maximise our service to them. Respecting that customers place their confidence in us, we do everything we can to deserve their confidence. Once you have made your plan and chosen your travel destinations, we want you to get on a ProspAir jet and dream of this perfectly private flight.

It meets all your dining and Wi-Fi requirements so you can stay in touch and on the go during your flight. The ProspAir is one of a kind in the private airline sector because we cover a broad spectrum: by buying a Jet Card  membership, our customers can ensure their private flight at a set price per hour.

In our capacity as aerospace experts, we attach great importance to openness and goodness. There are no extra charges for one-way travel, and sometimes you can even be converted into a better private jet. We offer a similar range of air charters in that they are resistant to devaluation. The Dumont Group, our mother organisation, own our aircrafts so that we have the possibility to grant our customers either part- or fractions of property according to their wishes.

When you have already made a hundred private jet bookings, you are probably thinking about having a plane. Dumont owners split the cost of purchase, lease and maintenance of their own private jet. Rather than own the whole plane, you basically buy a "share" of it.

As the private air transport sector develops, the price of "shares" is proportional. Upon taking office, a fraction of the owner has four hour request to retrieve their jet or equivalent. The costs of the fraction of the property include a one-month service charge and an one-hour operation charge.

As the proportion of a customer increases, they see more benefits in fractions. When your plane is not available upon request, a fraction of the owner may have privileged entry to similar jetliners within our family. Here, too, the more "shares" a customer owns, the more likely it is that he will be given a bigger replacement vehicle. One of the great advantages of this private air transport sector is the possibility of booking a replacement private jet free of charge.

As a rule, our fractions of property treaties cover up to five years. Should the owner be interested in extending partial arrangements, all re-marketing charges are dropped. Please call us for more information about owning private jets.

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