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Are you sure Uber is not a cab service? There is no cab company/service provider. About is a technology based business that provides a technology enabling real-time on-demand service delivery from a smart phone. They are used by cabbies, limousine riders, UberX riders, restaurant (food deliveries), convenient store and occasionally by chopper flyers and pet homes for pet adoptions.

Taxis hire a driver, take care of cars, reserve trips, etc. Über is engaged in the construction of computer centres, the execution of real-time computer programs, the facilitation of payments and the exploration of the economic viability of real-time traffic management as well as the resolution of all kinds of other interesting technology issues - all things that are not handled by a taxidriver.

It is a very different process from what a cab or transport operator does. In addition, any rider on the Uber system is fully permitted to receive eHails from any other application (such as Gett or Lyft) and hail (in the case of a cabbie using the Uber platform) as long as he/she does not do so while being sent to collect a rider and does not request journeys during a ride on the Uber system.

It is not a cab business, but a tech house that offers transport services for the needs of individuals. eBay is not a retail centre, but a technical hub that allows retail vendors to find purchasers for their offers. The Airbnb is not a hotelier group, but a technical plattform that allows individuals to find short-term tenants for parts of their real estate.

The EatWith is not a food store but a technology hub that brings together organisers and the inquisitive.

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