Lowest International Airfare

The lowest international air fare

Find the cheapest rates for international air travel Many of you already know that Travelocity deactivated its very useful data mining feature for international destinations at the beginning of the year after a [%1288554 | | | | | DOT ] controversy about the completeness of the shown itineraries. In spite of consumer grievances, Travelocity and the DOT have found no compromises, so many travellers wonder if there is another easy way to look for international travel with variable data.

For lack of this useful utility, here are a few good substitute sites that you can use. Although not as easy or uncomplicated as Travelocity's now unavailable travel tools, they can help you find the best rates for international travel before you make a booking. There'?s a hole in Travelocity's DOTilemma. Zuji.com, Travelocity's website for Asian and Pacific travelers, still provides the flexibility to find data, even for travel directions from the U.S. Even better, if you use the Australia, Hong Kong, or Singapore version, the rates are shown in U.S. dollar.

Speaking for Tourocity, I was told that the "Zuji website is for Zuji's Asiatic clients in their home country in their native tongue and currencies, conceived and mailed. "Travellingocity (and the DOT) don't specifically stop US clients from using Zuji, so I don't understand why it shouldn't be used for pricing comparison.

Whilst Zuji's quest seems to work identical to Travelocity's, I warn against making a reservation on Zuji as it has high servicing costs. Travelocity found rates of up to $81 per person versus Travelocity's $5 to $10 reservation rate. Zuji is a good website for comparing rates, but you should eventually make your reservation directly with the airlines or on-line tour operators that charge the lowest reservation rate.

Orbitz's Flex Research offers three different ways to search: by weekend, day bonuses and flexibility. Even though the customizable query page determines that the queries only apply to trips in the USA and Canada, it works for international destinations. One of Orbitz's research engines can help you find the lowest price quickly, based on your route.

Like the name implies, our week-end finder shows the rates for weekends in a particular months, so clients can see in ahead which trip data is cheapest. Bonuses Data looks up to three and a half calendar nights before and after the date you select. Optional Flex Stay looks for two to 16 day flight in a specific area, up to 30 day.

Orbitz Flex Search can be useful if you plan to spend a particular monthly amount or at some point over a 30-day time frame. The buzz function of the kayak can help you find the lowest actual rates and the airline companies that offer them for your itinerary and your data. Once you have entered your date of sailing, your target area, your months and (optionally) the highest fare, the kayak will display the 25 lowest rates found in the last search.

When your trip is contained, you can then review the tariff historical that shows the best tariffs and best prices for the trip as well as the found itineraries. Obviously, kayaking's searching engine is by far not as useful as Travelocity's, or Zuji's or Orbitz's, but it can be useful to get a guide for your date.

And if you want to urge the DOT and Tourocity to make a trade-off and re-establish flexibility in their appointment searching, please e-mail airconsumer@dot.gov. or airconsumer@dot.gov. or travelocity@travelocity.com.

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