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Downtown Cab Ltd. Yellowknife Taxi Service When you complain about a particular event, please give as much descriptive information as possible, such as the date and hour of the event, cabin number, make/model, licence number and any other information pertinent to the event. Please be sure to give us your contact information as we cannot process your complaint anonymously.

Taxi service

It is our aim to offer every Limousine customer a secure, convenient and dependable first rate taxiservice. However, we are the qualitative leaders in terms of value, which always provides our clients with high value transports by putting at their disposal a professional staff devoted to making your transport as good as possible. Citycab provides cab and transport solutions in and around St. Clair Michigan county for individual and group travel for any reason, 24-7.

The City Cab is the most popular taxi cab in the blue water area and the cities of Port Huron, Marysville, St.Clair, Wadhams, Lexington and Ft.Gratiot Michigan.

Crescent Cab & Quaker City Cab - Important Note

Taxicab and Limousine Division (TLD) today announced that Quaker City Cab, Inc. d/b/a Crescent Cab (Crescent) will cease all disposition activities with immediate effect. As a result, medal holders currently associated with Quaker City or Crescent must take immediate steps to comply with the rules while providing passengers and riders with the necessary levels of security and after sales services.

Phone conversations for the services to these two companies are currently being handled by the Philadelphia Taxicab Service, Inc. Dispatch Specialist and for the near term during the change. Therefore, medal holders and riders associated with either QC or Crescent must immediately be assigned to a new PPA-certifiedispatcher. QAKER CITY TAXICABS: -Goes into immediate action to work with a certificatedispatcher.

CMT will remove its dispatching and metering system in the near term. As soon as this happens, Quaker City Taxis must be taken out of operation until an accredited metering system has been fitted in the car and it is varnished with the colour and coding schemes authorised by the new dispatchers.

TAXICABS CRESCENT: -Proceeds immediately to contact a qualifiedispatcher. One crescent shaped taxi that is duly connected to a certificated dispatcher and performs a "chip change" with Verifone (VTS) to enable the reception of two-way communication may be operated until 20 October 2017, when the car is to be lacquered with the colours and marks of the new dispatchers.

A Quaker City or Crescent representative's handwritten name is not necessary. Reservations for the weekend from 9 October to 13 October were made at the VTS store on 700 Packer Avenue to finalise counter changes for a new dispatching staff. Don't miss to finish the setting of the gauge for the tariff amendment on 1 December 2017.

If you do not contact a certificated dispatching agent, the taxi will be taken out of operation with a possible fine.

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