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You can travel with SkyTeam Go Round the World Tickets. See the world and make the journey of a lifetime with a Round the World airfare from the air center. RTW (Round the world) tickets are flight packages that allow you to visit a number of destinations around the world at a single price. Return flight around the world. Booking with Adventure World Tours you will enjoy an adventure of a lifetime.

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Featuring more than 30 years of travel expertise and over 130 dedicated professionals to help you design your perfect journey, Adventure World is known for exploring less travelled places. Select from 200 of the best adventure in the world, with trips from three to 20 day length.

Some of the most beloved Adventure World travel attractions are the Rocky Mountains in Canada, the Swiss Alpine and Lake regions, the Golden Triangle of India, the Mendoza Strait (Argentina's winelands at the feet of the Andes), Cairo to Cape Town or a tasting of Cuba with a tour of Havana and Trinidad.

A tour with Adventure World is all about unforgettable adventures. Do the Aurora Borealis Tour or Game In The Canadian Rockies Tour. Watch Borneo's rainforest fauna, take a luxury train ride on the Golden Chariot through South India or relax with a rejuvenating spas experience in the Rockies.

With Adventure World's many different travelling choices, you can get the most out of your outing.


G450, G550, G650 and Boeing Business Jet 787. The flights featured all-inclusive functions such as on-board catering, drinks service and door-to-door service at the customer's option at a fixed hourly fee with no concealed charges. Usually, the external paintwork of these airplanes is just left out of the construction, while the first thing you see of these airplanes is their external look.

Aeroplane appearance should make you come aboard and fly. "Round the bloc or around the world."

The strength of networked world travel

We' ve so far traveled to more than a decade of places to show our "networked capabilities" after starting the San Francisco tour in May - 50 years after the Summer of Love set out to define a single generations in the same town. We flew our aircraft to Dallas, Mexico and Panama as well as Toronto and New York and made a legendary performance in the NBC TODAY! show.

It was the next air show and then the largest in the world - the Paris Air Show. We are now on our way to Australia - and then to Hawaii - before concluding the tour with a welcome celebration in Phoenix, Arizona in August. On 15 May, the Global Xpress (GX) communication satellites received a major push when a Space X Falcon 9 launcher took off the Inmarsat-5 F4 communication spacecraft and added a forth spacecraft to the GX combo.

The International Passenger Transport Association's Global Passenger Survey 2016 states that 51 per cent of passenger numbers want to be fully airborne. According to a new forecast, a total of 234.1 million travellers are expected this year, putting more comfortable travel at the top of all parents' to-do lists.

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