Private Jet Travel

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With A& K. you can experience luxury travel in a private jet.

The ultimate in private jet transport | Joint ownership of aircraft

We are the world's leading provider of private jet travel for a variety of different purposes. TO EVERY OWNER. If responsibility is distributed across such a process, it becomes part of operations and part of corporate culture. What's more, it becomes part of the corporate identity. "We' re striving to improve the lives of every owner, always an extraordinary travel experience."

Your live will be enhanced with memorable moments. Get private event entry and one-on-one conversations with professional icon's, guides and world-class professionals.

Personal jet travel | Abercrombie & Kent

An A&K Private Jet Tour takes your small group of 50 like-minded travellers on an exclusively designed route with eversive inside entry, delicious food and culture activities put together by our locals around the globe. End every single night in accommodation selected for its convenience, warm welcome and genuine locality, on a trip that unites luxuriousness, genuine service and knowledge like only A&K.

Explore intriguing people, places and festivals in an intriguing and memorable way on this exciting new private jet cruise. Travelling on an exquisite 23-day tour with inside entry, delicious food and inviting culture activities hosted by our locally based professionals. Fly with a private jet and your trip will be taken to a whole new dimension of comfort, elegance and reflex.

It'?s plane travel as it always should have been. Board the A&K Boeing 757 and experience the ultimate in luxury and styling with 50 premium, fully shallow seating positions; a committed cab crewship offering a crew-to-resident 1:7 relationship; an on-board head cook and doctor; and a host of sophisticated conveniences, from an Espresso machine to noise-reducing earphones to sophisticated conversation, chosen to compliment your travel route.

Now, during the A&K private jet ride, you can be sure that a doctor on board is prepared to help with any health problems. Throughout the world, these professionals travel with you from beginning to end to ensure smooth operations, while the best tour leaders accompany you to each and every location, giving each meeting a unique opportunity.

Our committed baggage manager also follows your trip and monitors the baggage flow between destinations as part of A&K's Travelling Bell Boy services. With our unsurpassed global reach of more than 55 office locations - and an informal group of just 50 people - your private jet trip will include the kind of invitational, select event that is A&K's trademark.

No matter where you go, you will enjoy the genuine taste or live your own realities. The Private Jet Journeys offer real estate selected by our professionals because they authentically reflect the taste and atmosphere of each and every travel location. More than just an opportunity to finish the meal at the end of the workday, your meal is a full celebration for the sense, with locally entertaining and breathtaking scenery.

It' s not possible to choose a favourite book - there is not enough room to compose this novel. So I was excited about the whole thing and love everything! It was a great experience: comfortably, good meals and the best cabin crew I ever had. "Journey of Life" doesn't begin to tell the story of the experiment.

Accompany Geoffrey Kent on a self-designed trip around the globe and enjoy an memorable mix of beautiful scenery, little-known historical places, genuine meetings and the characteristic A&K lifestyle. Enjoy a stylish trip across two different continents and enjoy genuine on-site experiences, five-star welcome and A&K's unmistakable mix of inside information and hands-on knowledge.

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