Helicopter Hire Prices per Hour

Rental prices for helicopters per hour

There is no difference in price between hovering flight and forward flight. A two-seater helicopter suitable for the pilot and one passenger. What would it take per hour to hire a helicopter just to float?

Now, the hotelier will give you the same price for the room, even if you never go into the room. Room rates are determined by a number of other factors: the type and position of the accommodation, the room sizes, the luxury of the room, the rooms available at other nearby accommodation and so on.

Similarly, what you are paying for renting a helicopter will also be due to a number of different factor. This includes the helicopter dimensions, make and models, passenger compartment, number of seating, costs of fuels, types of power unit (piston or turbo), sizes and numbers of power units, total operating costs, available space for other aircraft in the area, and so on.

The helicopter sizes vary from the two-seater Robinson R22 (maximum total laden mass 1,300 pounds) to the giant Boeing Chinook (maximum laden mass 50,000 pounds). The helicopter can also be fitted with an almost limitless selection of gear to make it fit for a variety of applications such as aerial travels, drills, searching and rescuing, firefighting, intelligence, criminal prosecution, field spray, longline slings, marine life, all types of combat operation and so on.

Supplementary equipments of this type increase the total costs of ownership of the aeroplane. The answer to this questions must also take into account an operative factor: the levitation of a helicopter usually demands more energy from the motor or from the thrusters than the flight of the helicopter in travel traffic. That means that floating consumes more propellant than traveling from point A to point B. (Wind velocity and heading can change this compared, but we'll keep it simple.)

Therefore, a helicopter owner who needs to fly a helicopter over a point for all or most of a trip in order to accomplish the assignment may choose to raise the standard rent to meet the added cost of floating versus cruising use. Alternatively, the customer can be invoiced for the additionally burnt petrol.

Carrier may answer, "XXX dollars[or other currency] per hour." At some point the owner will give you a quote.

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