The BPJS stands for Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial (Social Insurance Administration Organization). The BPJS administers the Indonesian national health insurance Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional or JKN for short. Are you looking for an online definition of BPJS or what does BPJS stand for? The Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial (BPJS), Indonesia's social security organizer, was introduced.

The BPJS and JKN: The Indonesian National Health Insurance System

BPJS - what is it? The BPJS is Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial (Social Security Administration Organization). The BPJS manages the Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional, or JKN for short, Indonesia's nationwide medical insurer. BPJS is available in two versions: BPJS Kesehatan (the sequel to PT Askes) and BPJS Ketanagakerjaan (the sequel to Jamsostek). JKN manages the first for non-employees/self-employed/informal and the second for people.

They are both state owned insurers that are regulated by Undang-Undang no. In the meantime, until January 2016, workers must be enrolled by their respective governments. Foreign workers who work for at least 6 month (and their dependants ) must be recorded by their respective employment agency. Workplaces must declare their workers and dependants. You' ll still have to go to the BPJS Bureau to get the map.

To view the full BPJS branch office listing, click here. The BPJS Card or Kartu Indonesia Sehat? Either card means membership in the BPJS programme. Originally, Kartu Indonesia Sehat (Indonesian Health Card) was an election pledge by President Joko Widodo. KIS was awarded to persons whose BPJS coverage was subsidised by the state.

Now, however, the HIS is distributed to all new BPJS participants. The bonus for the employee is 5% of the month's wage up to an upper limit of 8 million Rp. In the meantime, the breakdown for civil servants is 3% and 2% respectively. It is possible to increase your parent or child beyond the first 4 for 1% of the per capita income.

Staff members with a month's pay of Rp 4 million or less are entitled to Class II institutions. In the meantime, those with higher salaries are entitled to Class I institutions. Some injustice exists in the case of both men and women working as salaried staff. Similarly, workers cannot subtract their contributions from assessable earnings.

Ranging from stations with 10 or more bed places to luxurious rooms the sizes of small flats. Therefore, the BPJS categories relate only to the room convenience. Normally there are 2-3 places per room in grade I, 3-5 places per room in grade II and 5 or more places in grade III.

Players can move up to a higher level by spending the balance from their pockets. Even in higher grades (VIP, VVIP, etc.) you can be promoted. At BPJS you can switch your grade (and payment) once every 12 years. Just as with many health services, you must first undergo treatment at an authorised emergency unit (FasKes 1).

If necessary, the initial provider will suggest a more specialised nursing home. Please take your BPJS/KIS membership with you, copy passport/KTP, KK and transfers from Fast 1 if they direct you to a specialised nursing home. Health services in the event of catastrophes, pandemics, special events or emergency. Others treatments that are not related to the management of uncovered health problems.

Punishment is 2.5% x costs of therapy x number of month of inactivity. That is up to a peak of 12 month or 30 million Rp, whichever is lower. BPJS published an Android application in July 2017. One of the functions of the application is to act as a BPJS board.

They can also list the locations of your nursing home and verify the progress of your payment. Other places you can afford are Alfamart and Indomart, the post and your BPJS branch there. Kesehatan BPJS is an excellent insurer for them. In the past, expatriate workers could reject Jamsostek (the precursor of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan) if they had the same or better cover.

BPJS no longer does this. Attendance is compulsory, even if you have another type of policy.

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