Air India Ticket

Flight India Ticket

Air India Airlines, amazing specials available on Air India Air Reservation If you are thinking of Indian carriers, you probably remember the first name Air India. Air India is the synonym for air trips in India and is the oldest and biggest air carrier. As part of the state-owned National Aviation Company of India Limited, it has worked flat out to become the number 16 Asian carrier in 2011.

Since its inception, the airline has won a number of awards among them "Best Airline MRO in India" and "Best Engine MRO in India" from Indian Aviation and Stat Trade Times respectively. Although Air India has a long tradition, the number of flights booked is still on a level with other airline companies in the state.

With Air India ticket reservation you can reach 11 domestic and 18 overseas destinations. Air India offers a wide range of air travel options. In addition, Air India Express is another budget driven option. When traveling with Air India, don't miss the onboard epicurean meal offered by the airline, which include both local and foreign flavours.

You can also choose from a variety of films and musical accompaniments on offer during the flights. Free Air India checked bags are 40, 30 and 20 kg for First, Business and Economy classes and less than 8 kg for carry-on. A surcharge may be levied for additional checked bags.

For more information on luggage and other prohibited articles, please visit the Air India web check-in page and luggage regulations page. Are you a regular traveller, you may be entitled to participate in Air India's Air Return programme. As a result, you can collect miles, bonuses on Business or First Class trips and spend them on rebates and offers on your trip ticket.

Provide full and exhaustive information on your Air India air travel condition as well as immediate e-mail notification of your Air India PNR state. Reservations can be cancelled/changed in the "My Booking" section, which can be accessed from the homepage of the Air India website. The Air India will levy a change levy according to the current tariff.

How soon can I request a ticket reimbursement? Air India allows you to return your ticket for a full refund within one year of the ticket expiry date. For the first with Air India I travelled from Chennai to Abu Dhabi now. It took a long wait for check-in as there were some uncivilised people in line who were a source of annoyance to everyone, but the crews dealt well with them.

"My experiences with Air India were really average." It was just that the plane was old and the seating was awkward. They were very kind and made sure that it was as pleasant as possible for us. "It was an uninterrupted flight." Aircrew was courteous. There' s a very restricted range of entertainments, which is frustrating, but my plane wasn't very long, so it didn't disturb me very much.

"We started on schedule and got there half an hours earlier!" The restrooms were tidy throughout the entire plane. All in all, it was a respectable ride.

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