Srilankan Airways Chennai

Sri Lanka Airways Chennai

Chennai Srilankan Airlines to Riyadh low cost air tickets @Rs 10923.0 : The Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is known as the gateway to the south. Chennai is at the core of Tamil civilization because of its rich tradition and richness. Chennai, the capitol of the state of Tamil Nadu, is also known as India's 4th biggest town. It is a prime example of deep-rooted tradition and civilization.

Old palm trees along the roads, lovely sandy shores and friendly welcome show the true colors of this charming town. It' a great joy to be here with your lover for an entire night at sundown. This will be an memorable experience of your lifetime as you move along the shores of Chennai's beach and hold your partner's hand.

This is a very vibrant town, attracting not only travelers from India but also from all over the globe. Chennai has many sights to offer in order to make your holiday a great one. These are all rides that will certainly give you the chance of a lifetime. For those who like spending free wildlife there is Guindy National Park and Snake Park, where you can find different animal and bird varieties.

Chennai's most popular celebration is the "Pongal", which is held with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Although the city's weather stays warm throughout the month, the best period to come here is the winters. Starting with air ticket to reservation of a room, this on-line travelling platform provides you with all tour-related information to make your holiday even more pleasant.

It is the biggest Saudi Arabian town. Riyadh is also the capitol of the province of Riyadh, which is part of the historic Najd and Al-Yamama area. Situated in the center of the Arabian Peninsula on a large plain, the town accommodates 5,254,560 population.

It is a huge and spacious town, attracting a large number of visitors from all over the globe. Major streets are the King Fahd Rd and Treq al-malek al-Fahd, which run through the old town from east to west. Riyadh is in the centre of the nation and is suffering from the poorest meteorological condition due to the extreme climate of Saudi Arabia.

Visiting Riyadh for sight-seeing is a great thing, but you have to take good time to plan your trip, most of the sights are open on the weekend (Do-Fr) and during prayers. The Masmak Fortress, Murabba Palace (Qasr al-Murabba), National MuseumAs-Sufaat (Deira Square), Kingdom Centre and many others are some of the main touristic features that magnetise a large number of travelers from all over the state.

Riyadh's good cuisine and adaptable accommodations make it an excellent travel itinerary. You can also make your reservations on-line. Receive in-depth information about the town and its main sights. Also, just obey a few easy moves on-line and start saving yourself a lot of your precious resources.

Founded in 1979 as Sri Lanka's domestic flag carriers, Sri Lankan Airlines is an award-winning company with a strong record for providing services, convenience, safety, dependability and timeliness. With a long history in aviation, SriLankan Airlines is constantly striving to offer our clients a comfortable and enjoyable travelling environment.

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