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ATI' s service is not just about meeting your transport needs. Commons Wikimedia has media related to aviation. Homepage ATI The ATI is an expert airline with the capability to fly all over the world...

around the world, even at shorter times. With more than three centuries and millennia of freight and combined airfreight and commercial air freight experience, ATI has the specialised knowledge and know-how to react to one-off distress and long planned programmes.

The ATI is a recognized market leading company in the chartersector. Providing the airplane and knowledge to process and assist any freight enquiry. ATI' s services are not just about meeting your transport needs. ATI' s aim is to ensure a smoothly and professional co-ordinated air journey every year. At ATI we have a large portfolio of advanced B757-200 and Combis, B767-200 and B767-300 fuel-efficient carriers.

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ATW Airline extends the deadline for nominating the 2019 ATW Airline Industriy Achievement Awards to October 5, 2018.... Airlines, airports, lease operators, vendors and aviation organisations continue to be invited to file their applications as quickly as possible. U.S. House and Senate Committee chiefs have reached a definitive agreement on perennial legislation to reauthorize the FAA, which would conclude a three-year battle between Republicans and Democrats, which many industrial watchers had anticipated, with a further short-term prolongation for the FAA........

Comments Ryanair to cooperate with the Italian competition authority, which is investigating the new LCC Hand Luggage Directive on the grounds that as hand luggage is normally considered an essential part of travel, it could make it more difficult for passengers to make transparent price comparisons. Air Austral and Air Madagascar, both established in La RĂ©union, are examining the update of their fleet for 10 month as part of a joint venture to make the two small carriers more resilient to what they consider to be "overall positive" competitive conditions.


WBG's air transport fleet totalled USD 1.47 billion in FY 2015 (FY15), an improvement of 2% over FY 2014 (FY14). Air transport accounts for around 3% of WBG's transport portfolios of USD 45 billion. WBG's transport portfolios for financial year 15 consist of around 19% of WBG's USD 248 billion assets (excluding MIGA).

Our air transport portfolios comprise around 26 loans or loan advisory services in the aerospace industry through the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the International Development Association (IDA) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Among the most important current investments is the Pacific Aviation Investments Program, which helps to improve air traffic safety and efficiency in the Pacific Islands by enhancing the infrastructures, managements and operation of air transportation.

IFC is active in this field by providing loan, capital and consultancy support to promote investments by the residential sectors such as Zagreb International Airport, Croatia and Queen Alia International Airport, Jordan.

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