Rtw Flight Planner

The Rtw Flight Planner

Ready to start planning your own RTW trip? This is how you schedule and make a Star Alliance round-the-clock tour around the globe We take you to a fast track to plan your own personal RTW route, whether to see customers or just for the holidays of a lifetime. Our RTW service will help you plan your own route. Even better, we're also giving away two RTW passes to a happy readership, so get ready to win now by plotting your trip of dreams!

In order to get things going, collect a checklist of places you would like to go on your RTW journey. During our tour we visited New York, Paris, Auckland, London, Singapore, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Taipei, Chicago, Bangkok, Frankfurt and Istanbul. The RTW ticket allows you to go in one way only, and while in smaller areas such as Europe and Asia some zigzag traffic is permitted to make scheduling a little bit simpler, the large ocean can only be traversed once throughout the itinerary.

At the end there are our itineraries, which now look something like this: As soon as you have downloaded the Book and fly tools and typed in the basic information such as your home countries and your trip classes, you will be taken to this screen: We start in Sydney and are flying in BusiClass, so start typing "Sydney" followed by the other goals on your checklist in order of itinerary.

With RTW tariffs you can choose to travel between cities, but you can also select a user interface section by tapping on the vehicle symbol. This is particularly useful in Europe, where you might want to go to London, take the Eurostar to Paris and continue from there. When you are, just click on the auto-symbol next to the town you are not going to leave and you are ready........ or click on the airplane symbol if you have a sensory modification.

As soon as your trip of your dreams is recorded, click on "Continue" to create an offer. End costs take into consideration all state tax and airlines' fees, but the offer gives you a good ideas before you have spent too much your precious resources. When you are satisfied, go to the next page to see how your itineraries take form.

To start, click on "Select flights". While you are working through your route, you can book both non-stop and non-stop connections. If the " via " is empty, you know that you are on a flight. They appear at the top by standard, but if you want to stay in Wellington for some quality air travel before continuing to Auckland, you can do so.

Of course, we recommend that you choose a different flight if your timetable allows, even if it means you have to search on slightly different data. We keep things easy for our exemplary route by fly directly whenever possible, but sometimes it just can't be done: This is the closest flight from London to Paris via Brussels, so we will accept it.

Continue until all your flight options are highlighted, but keep your eye open for any upwards arrows: In contrast to the down-swing, these beauty items are your "free upgrade" from full size office to First Year. You will only appear on Air China and United non-essential business classes, so don't chase them on other Air China and United services - you will be just frustrated.

Once you have completed these last few services, it is your turn to verify that the route complies with the tariff. For this case and for connection flight we have too many sector bookings and cannot fly on: There is no highlighting of the real issue, so for more information click on the back tab and then on the'! symbol at the bottom of the cities page.

Turning the switch downwards, we need to trimm two "segments" - first, we replace the London-Brussels-Paris link with a straight line service on the high-speed Eurostar, for which you would make a special reservation. Taiwan is also on the Hackblock, so after choosing a (now) one-way flight between Bangkok and Shanghai we have our complete RTW route with our trip data and flight numbers:

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