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YELLOWCABNYC CONTACT FOR QUESTIONS. For a fast, cheap taxi, contact Yellow Cab Taxi Service in Dallas, Texas and Fort Worth Texas. Southern California's Transport Leaders And if you think you have found something missing in one of our cars, please click here to make an immediate request about your missing object. You will be contacted within two working workingdays. It is our corporate policy that if a chauffeur finds a missing object in his vehicle, he will deliver it to our central within 48hrs.

Up to 30 working day we store your belongings in our offices so that you can either collect them or organise shipping. You can call us if you want to contact our lost & found division by phone: Losst & Found lessons are: Remember that we or our naval partner or driver are liable for loss of property that is not found or damage.

Unfortunately, we cannot make a double copy of your cab receipts for you, so please make sure you receive a hard copy from your drivers at the end of your journey and keep it secure. Or if you do not have a voucher and need to record your journey, you can click here to obtain a printable copy of the voucher form that you can fill out with your journey data.

If you would like to automatically e-mail us proof of your trips in the near term, we suggest that you use the RideYellow application and choose a payment method that includes a payment method based on your payment details. You will be contacted within two working working days. You can call us if you want to contact our customer service team: we will be happy to help you:

Money - make a direct deposit with the chauffeur. Payments application - our application asks you to choose either "Pay In Cab" or "App" as your preferred option before you book your trip. Corporate Account - Our corporate account services make it simple for businesses to recover travel expenses for their customers and people.

You can book your trip by telephone, on-line via our RideYellow application or via our RideYellow customer webpage. To open a corporate bank with us, please fill out the registration request below. com/business and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you no longer require a reserved journey, please call our Call Centre to void your order. Once you have used our RideYellow application, you can directly book your journey in the application. If you set aside rebates and congestion, you can guess the costs of each journey you make with us by just multiplying the number of mileage you will cover by $3.

Servicing pets on a lead may always travel with the co-driver. It is the parents' responsibility to ensure that the right car safety system is provided for their babies. Childrens under the ages of 8 and 57 must be securely restrained in a proper manner. For all other kids between the ages of 8 and 16 or over 57?, the safety belts must be correctly fastened.

From 1 January 2017, under 2 years of age and under 40 pounds or under 40" must be correctly belayed in a rearward directed restraining system. Under 8 years old must be tied in a back seated childrens backrest. Californian legislation specifically stipulates that infants must be adequately tied, which means that the pelvic harness lies low on the waist and touches the femur, and the shoulders cross the middle of the breast.

Do not allow infants on rear-facing vehicle seating to drive forward if an airbag is in use. Infringement of the Pedestrian Protection Act for infants is a common offence. Most of our cars are Toyota Prius limousines, which can accommodate up to 4 persons (all persons drive for the cost of one).

If your group needs up to 6 people, however, you can call to order a mini van at no extra cost.

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