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City car service

Check out city cars with limousine service and see why DMCO's Chauffeur Service is a better alternative to black car service. City car VS Limo | Black car service Lately the border between car service and limousine service has been blurry. The service for blacks is generally provided by independant car owners who have the liberty to select their next fares according to what maximises their income. If you have a busy timetable, you cannot take any risks with an unforeseeable transportvider.

Your journey from an adventure to an unforgettable one is distinguished by your own individual accents. If you want your limousine to contain certain delicacies or musical accompaniments, we offer you the individual service that makes your journey something intimate. As a rule, the service provides only one car instead of a regular taxis: a town car, a four-door limousine with a capacity of three seats and about two luggage cases per passenger.

Every vehicle for the production of cars in blacks must be in the possession of the franchisee at their location or of members of a co-operative operating the branch. When your flights are late, we'll be the first to know and in the event of sunshine or rainy weather you can be sure your driver will be there. Find out more about our transport logistics solutions!

Learn why travellers rely on us for stress-free transport.

English is their main foreign currency and they are always available to help you with your queries and give you ideas about the region.

We' ll call you to check your pick-up 24 hours in advance.

Arriving 15 min before your planned departure date, we will make sure there is enough free space to carry your baggage, accompany you to the luxurious car and have enough free travel to get to your final destinations. Telephone calls will be replied to every day between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. in real life. Our own resident assistants, acquainted with the area and skilled in responding to service queries, will respond to your call.

Our belief is that politeness begins as soon as we receive your call, right through to your secure and dependable return.

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