Aircraft Charter Service

airplane charter service

Our specialty is private aircraft at the best price. We do not own an airplane, but we broker helicopter, private jet, commercial airplane and cargo airplane charters. Contact your charter operator if possible.

Privatjet-Charter | Aircraft charter Services

For over a ten year period we have been offering aircraft charter service with a flawless Argus Gold security protocol. All our personnel are qualified specialists and we service our aircraft to the highest standard. Our charter service will make your stay with us a pleasant and relaxed one. Departure and arrival according to your own timetable with an aircraft and flight on call team.

It is our business to offer you an excellent service and a completely comfortable and trouble-free travelling adventure, be it with your own aircraft or one of our charter partner. In addition, we offer a scheduled charter service to the Bahamas as well as national and multinational charter flights.

Each of our aircraft has strict service and security checks, so you can be sure you will be operating in a secure, well-maintained deluxe charter aircraft. We offer charter services through carriers that comply with our high security and professional requirements for charter services that are not operated by our aircraft. For all our charter services we always keep a high degree of supervision, attentiveness to details and monetary security.

Personnel Account Concierge - You will have a committed charter professional available around the clock to help you with all your last minute charter needs and route changes. Aircraft Selection - We own and maintain our King Aviation aircraft portfolio to ensure that your charter flights are carried out with the highest levels of security and dependability.

We also have privileged aircraft type availability to suit all your charter needs, from lightweight aircraft to large cabins and inters. Deluxe and Comfort - We ensure that your personal flight charter is a completely relaxed and convenient event and meets all your travelling needs and wishes.

Safety and Data Protection - Privately chartered aircraft ensure that your trip is conducted in total confidentiality. There' re no foreigners to share your plane or eavesdrop on your conversation. No safety policies, delay, cancelled or stay associated with business aviation exist. By chartering a plane privately, you have direct airport connections to hundreds of different destinations that are not served by regular airline companies.

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