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Which airlines are offering Beréavement rates? Unfortunately, the times when most carriers started reducing air fare for those who died are long gone. Three of the few carriers that still provide mourning flights are Delta Airways, Air Canada, Lufthansa and WestJet. Whilst many airline companies do not provide mourning flights, most are willing to help the passenger find the best available one.

It' re a good idea to contact the airline directly and ask if they can help with proposals that can reduce the costs of a last-minute flight. As part of its funeral service Delta Airways is offering tariffs at varying rates for journeys within seven working days. Passengers must be travelling due to the impending decease or real decease of a member of their families and tickets are only available when booked directly with Delta Reservations.

While Delta does not charge a fee for altering the date and time of roundtrip tickets, passengers may have to accept price differentials. The Air Canada Mourning Guidelines also apply to Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express services. It emphasises that its funeral services are aimed at offering flexible and possibly not the lowest tariffs.

Within North America one-way travel is required and must commence within 10 working days of reservation. Intra-Community services must commence within seven working days of reservation and may, with the exception of certain services, include return services. For return trips starting in North America, Lufthansa provides mourning services. Contact the Lufthansa reservation counter in the United States or Canada to make a reservation or obtain more information.

The Westjet offers mourning flight for immediate members of the immediate families and for those who fly to the funerals of policemen, firemen, members of the military or rescue service. However, the airline recommends that travellers look for a lower rate on its website before making a reservation. There are no charges when you book, but exchange charges are applicable to tickets you book.

Air carriers that offer rebates in certain conditions are American and United. Americans offer flexibility on certain last-minute tickets, and if a mourning causes a flight schedule modification, United may provide reimbursement for non-refundable tickets for a $50 charge. Usually last-minute air travel is costly, but carriers can suggest ways to lower the costs of an airfare.

A flight to a small aerodrome within range of the target, for example, may be less expensive than a flight to a large hubs aerodrome. In addition, night departures often costs less than travel at the most convenient time of the year. An all-inclusive offer that contains a room or a rented vehicle with the air fare can be less expensive than the air fare alone, especially if the flight takes place within the next working days or so.

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