Sri Lankan Airways Business Class

South Lankan Airways Business Class

Travelogue: Sri Lanka A330-300 Business Class February 2018 The SriLankan Group has recently launched two day weekly services from London to Colombo on Saturdays and Sundays, offering better service and cheaper departures. As a result, the carrier will become even more appealing to those seeking a one-stop carrier between London and the Maldives, Sri Lanka and beyond. The Heathrow Terminal 3 has recently experienced a surge of improvement for on-eworld operators, among them new Cathay Pacific and Qantas lounge.

Rather than choosing the British Airways London that Sri Lankan recommends to travellers, we suggest you choose one of the newer British Airways London Llounges. Adding to this day trip, the Qantas Lounge is the ideal place to have your morning snack. Upon arriving at the Qantasounge, we suggest you eat your lower floor breakfasts with dinnerware.

Whilst the Qantas Lounges are an outstanding complement to Heathrow, the lounges can be quite lively, possibly due to the fact that it is a new lounges, but also due to the fact that the Qantas A380 still flies to and from Heathrow, with a large part of the business class passenger waiting for their ride simultaneously with several other ones around the world at this hour of the morning.

But it was hard to find a place at this hour of the morning, so we decided to sit next to the bigger and lighter Cathay Pacificounge. The Cathay Pacific Lounge review shows that the room is stylish, sophisticated and offers a much better look at Heathrow's airstrips, along with great drinks and a better choice of wine and sparkling wine.

However, a Qantas buffet followed by a short relaxation break at Cathays buffet will be the ideal starting point for your journey. The SriLankan A330-300 flag ship operates only on the London leg, which means that Business Class travellers are equipped with a fishbone item for entry to all aisles, which means there is plenty of room and a sense of open cabins.

Upon entering, you will be welcomed by a seascape of acquamarine, regal blue and cream that gives a touch of exoticism and certainly does not provide a dull cab interior area. Although the plane had a fast turn-around due to the arriving plane, everything was flawless on arriving, with a host of conveniences already on the seats, among them earphones, flip-flops and blankets.

They took our coats immediately, offering bubbly, juices or waters, and the airlines provided door-to-door conversation, which means it was simple to dive into a pretty decent range of films and TV shows. Inside the cab, there is also atmospheric illumination, which is spread throughout the entire aircraft by sunsets and blues.

But the best thing was the starlit ceilings that sparkled throughout the entire plane, giving the feeling of a much higher roof. Zodiac Aerospace Cirrus Business Class seats are a robust and convenient business class seating system. Although the footwell is not the biggest when the chair turns into a berth, it is an absolutely tolerable business class item used by several carriers around the globe.

This Sri Lankan model is well fitted with a built-in flash drive, electric seating, a remote control set, read lights and a double folding dinner desk. The mid couple is ideal for those traveling together, and the windows provide plenty of private space for those traveling alone. Because of the slightly offset natures of the medium couples and windows, all seating offers great private space, and we had no straight line of sight to any other passengers during the ride.

It also has a small foot rest, which unfortunately does not allow it to be stored underneath, but given the low bulk of the business class cab, practically any chair can use an upside-down container, which offers a lot of space above it. When you want to keep a notebook, point at the 7 Series, as these chairs have a small top and back rack that is ideal for stowing your computer while eating.

Sit checks are very simple to use and in perfect position, but checks are quite light over night, so thank God for the convenience kit that provides eyeshields. SriLankan even provides an appropriate food and beverage set with print meals and a beverage set on the quickest route to hop (like Colombo to Male, Maldives).

Unfortunately the plane was delayed for 3 hours because it arrived too early. We were served champagne, juices or freshly squeezed bottled coffee and we decided to have a drink with Piper Heidsieck. Print meals were distributed that were souvenirs of a print recipes at the back of the menue to motivate travellers to try Sri Lankan food comfortably at home.

It also advertises its Sky Bar, which sells a variety of liquors such as Colombo Gin and Sri Lanka's own special drinks such as Classic Colombo Fizz, Botanical Burst and Botanical Twister. Our services on our return trip were flawless and unbelievably hot, of which Sri Lanka is proud, and justifiably so.

There is something quite magic about the Osariya uniformed cabins, artistically decorated with a pea-motive. Strongly brand-name dishes do not give the Foodservice a feeling of luxury, and a more sophisticated look would certainly give the operator an upscale Foodservice. It is interesting to note that although the meal is only for 27 business class passengers (one of the 28 is used as a crewing area), it is still serviced by a cart, while most other airlines now offer a catering design that does not use the cart.

Following desert, a liquor and a coffee/tea waitress walked past the booth, and we had to try a mixture of greens to put us to rest. Soon after the check-in we put up the sleeping cot. Whilst the turbulences at certain points during the trip were quite intense, we had to call a member of the cab staff to remove our glass and teacup in case of a spill.

About 2.5 hrs before we landed, we were awakened by the progressive changes in the lighting of the cabins, from midnight to sundown. It was interesting to note that although we were supposed to arrive at 4.30 a.m. (and in fact at 7.30 a.m.), the airlines had decided on a dining rather than a breakfasting one.

And the second facility, which was supplied preserved on a cloth-lined platter, was a faster one than the major lunch break offered by most carriers on board the plane. Aware that most travellers were transferring, the company decided on a dining option as their next plane would provide a morning meal or they could eat at Sri Lanka's Colomboounge.

During the entire trip there was an optional extra for other easy meals, and we have to say that the great thing was to see the hot chocolate facilities after the head luncheon, and instead of only providing one, they came back to provide a second hot beverage until they were all gone. Sri Lanka is a good place for entertaining, it is quite small in comparison to some airlines that have a really large selection of films and TV shows, but there is certainly enough to talk about the flights.

It was interesting to note that although our plane was returning on the fourth of the following months, the program was not altered, which was a disgrace as we were awaiting various films on the plane's way back. SriLankan, which rotates from the seats, allows travellers to view their TV, films or even 3D maps and even plane camera images from gates to gates.

They also offer WiFi and optional rechargeable battery packs, so if you want to use your own home appliances, you can do so. Although we can't annotate the airspeed because we didn't use it on this trip, it's good to note that WiFi cannot be used over India, so if your trip is across the countryside, think about the schedule you want to buy.

Serendib Airways also provides Serendib magazines, which are of OK standard. We found it interesting to see that their maps have placed routes such as London, where Newcastle is located, and Paris near the seas. During small detail, it made us smile a little about the plane movement that the carrier had expected for our comeback.

Given the Sri Lankan prize and as part of one world, the carrier is offering a great deal that benefits from ones world class facilities such as Qantas, British Airways and Cathay Pacific at Heathrow. I was pleased to see that the heat of the services, the tough products and the food were still at a high level and that the carrier, even though it was late, made sure that all the next day's travellers were setting up their flights.

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