Cabs near Airport

Cabins near the airport

Travelling to and from Midway International Airport by taxi is easy and convenient. Over ten cab operators offer services to and from the airport and Las Vegas offices. Over ten auto rental firms offer services to and from the airport and Las Vegas offices. A Nevada Taxicab Authority, an authority of the State of Nevada in charge of medallion distribution and pricing, regulates the provision of services. Certain cabs do not allow the use of bank cards.

Clients should contact their companion if they are planning to use a debit to pay.

A $2.00 fee is charged on all rates emanating from the airport. Minimum number of persons permitted in a cab is five (5), baby and child included. Taxis are available on the eastern side of the luggage reclaim area, in front of exit 1 - 4. The airport staff is available to help with the line queues and assist when needed.

At the western end of the terminal there are 20 inland cabs and 10 eastern cabs for travellers from abroad. Fast exits allow transport to quickly get out of the airport and airport staff are available to help if needed.

Fiumicino Airport Transfers: Your own private limousine will collect you at the meeting point within the airport departure lounge with a plaque showing your name.... In order to make your journey to Fiumicino Airport in Rome even simpler, please have a look at the following movie to get important information and to orientate yourself with the area of Fiumicino Airport where you will be meeting your drivers....

Notice that 2-3 people travelling with more than two checked bags may need to be upgraded to a mini van, and up to 8 people with additional baggage may need to order a second car to carry additional baggage.... The below pricelist applies to daily service between 7:00 and 19:00....

For night services offered between 19:00 and 19:00 there will be an extra charge of 10 Euro for the below mentioned transmission rate.... NOTE: Booking enquiries received less than 24hrs will NOT be accepted as it will take up to 24hrs to handle an enquiry and check availabilities.... In order to have enough elapsed processing and to check your booking please send your enquiry at least 36 hour in advanced, as the airport transfers will be acknowledged subject to available space....

BEFORE YOU BOOK YOUR SHUTTLE PLEASE READ: .... Reservations for shuttle services must be made at least 36 hrs in advanced. When you send a reserve or e-mail and have not received anything from us within 2 workingdays, please review your spamming file. A valid e-mail adress is necessary to get our mail.

There is no need to e-mail us for transfers as it can take up to 2 working days for you to get a reply. Use our booking forms at your right to get instant prices and then book your reservation. To ensure that your bookings are secure, we do not take bookings by e-mail, phone or in-person.

Proper phone and mail addresses are required when sending a booking enquiry. Failure to give us a working / accurate electronic mail address and phone number will prevent us from reaching you and you will NOT be able to obtain our communications. In case you do not get any information from us within 24-48 hrs, please send us an e-mail if there is a issue with your booking information.

If your accomodation is not in the centre of Rome, please send us an e-mail for an individual offer. DO YOU NEED HELP WITH BOOKINGS OF TRANSFER? In order to guarantee a secure experience, you cannot make a reservation by telephone, e-mail or through your chauffeur or any other third person. You must make all bookings using the on-line reservation forms.

You must make your reservation for your shuttle at least 36 hrs in advance. ahead of your trip. We will confirm your order until available on the desired date and hour. Every single transport must be posted separately. Don't order a specific transaction or another type of rendering via the specific inquiry boxes of other transactions. The reservation can only be used for the reservation.

Requests must be made by e-mail. Once you have provided your booking information, you can wait up to 1-2 working days for your booking enquiry to be dealt with and for you to get a confirming e-mail from our agents notifying you of availabilities to comply with your enquiry. We cannot make telephone bookings.

In order to ensure correctness and secure services, all bookings must be made on-line via the reservation machine. Please make sure that you enter the proper information (flight number, date and time of your departure from Rome). Can not be provided if false information is obtained. When YES, please let us know your age in the Request Information section of our reservation page - this way we can help our clients travelling with small kids who need baby or car seat.

Travelling with your bags? On arrival at the FCO airport, we strongly advise you to use the trolleys available in the airport check-in area for simple transportation of your bags from the airport terminals to your car. DEPARTURES: To transfer to the FCO (Rome Fiumicino Airport), you will need to specify the number of the airport from which your ticket will leave.

If you do not give us the exact terminal number, we will not be able to offer you the proper services. BAGGAGE: Always indicate the CORRECTS overall number of large cases and perform them so that we can meet your requirements. In case you are bringing additional baggage or large items of baggage that you do not think would be suitable for a limousine, please let us know in the separate enquiry form that you are requesting a bigger car and that you will be retrofitted with a Mini Van at an additional charge.

Please be aware that the baggage allowance for a mini van is 7-8 Check-in cases and 7-8 small carries ones. If your baggage is too large, please let us know as you will need a second car. If you do not tell us the precise number of pieces of baggage you have, we may not be able to supply the correct sized car for your baggage and you may be billed for a second car.

Transfers chauffeurs know only the native tongue (Italian) or very simple English. For more information please refer to our VIP Transfers page. When we can take the changes into account, you must first reverse your initial reservations and change your reservations via our reservations machine with the new information period. No changes will be accepted by e-mail.

PAYMENT FOR THE SERVICE: Due at the end of the contract in Eurorency. A prepayment by PayPal is possible on inquiry. When you make a reservation through this website, you declare that you fully agree with our general business condition and agree to all general business condition.

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