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What is the best way to get RTW Round the World flights? The first time York and I chose to go on our 2016 journey around the globe, our journey had to be meticulously scheduled as we had to be in certain places at certain times. The following is a guide to how we have booked our Round the Word (RTW) outings.

I never made it to Easter Island to see Moai on my first journey to Santiago, Chile. My dreams are to go to South America and see Machu Picchu in Peru, Easter Island in Chile and the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. Sailing to South America is costly, so it makes good business of visiting them all at once.

I' ve got to end South America and get on my way to Europe first. After listing these "goals" and the timeline, I have a pretty good notion of how to schedule my big outing. After you have chosen your itinerary, you can now see which Round The World flights suit you best.

The choice you make will depend on your timeframe, your budgeting and your level of reflex. As a rule, Alliances RTW fares are what comes to people's mind when they choose their circumnavigation ticket. Grounds to buy RTW tickets: Earn elite status and miles with affiliate carriers to get entry to your travel arrangements at airliner lounge and discounts.

You have a whole year to use the ticket. For example, an American who starts his RTW ticket in Japan instead of America, so they can drive home halfway through the journey (since you can only go one way around the world).

Why you should NOT buy RTW tickets: Reduced agility due to the need for pre-booking targets and the need to complete the ticket in one year. If I look up online ressources it means the carrier doesn't bill you for date and hour changes, but they do bill you for administrative charges even if you left your plane (if you call Qantas, they offered me AUD$80 per change).

That can be a problem if flight ticket is only issued 11 month in advanced and you are trying to make a one-year itinerary. It can only go to places where Allianz works directly. That may not be a nuisance for many but when I have to return to Taiwan for Chinese New Year, it means that the only link for One World RTW is from Hong Kong.

The latter then determines the ticket fare. Star Alliance interactive travel scheduler for scheduling, but I liked OneWorld better. I think this ticket is best for travelers who cross different parts of the world and travel domestically on a low cost carrier or land transportation on any part of the world. The Star Alliance was not considered because most Latin America carriers are served by LAN, which is part of OneWorld.

Therefore, I did not continue with Star Alliance RTW flying. Twenty carriers are part of the Sky Team, among them China Airline flying directly between Taipei and Brisbane & Sydney. Like Star Alliances, the tariffs are based on the number of kilometres and the number of stopps. However, Sky Team RTW flight were not even one of my choices as Aerolineas Argentinas no longer travels from Australia to Buenos Aires.

For more information, please visit the Sky Team Round The World Flight page. RTW one-world ticket is one of the most preferred options for travelers as it serves a large number of targets despite only 11 flight alliance flights. Both tariffs are " Global Explorer " - computed according to odometer reading - or " one world Explorer " - computed according to segments and continent.

"The " Sky Team RTW & Star Alliance RTW flight, only with different carriers and destination. One thing I intensively researched was the "OneWorld Explorer". I' ve been spending innumerable long hours plotting my journey on the basis of their Round The World travel calculator, which was very hooked but worthwhile.

With the ticket you can travel up to 16 flight sections and the basic rate will depend on the number of continences you travel. However, you can only operate a total of 4 services on each continental route. It is a wastage on the mainland that has many low cost carriers (Asia & Europe). The OneWorld Explorer was my first selection because they have large network in South America.

Part of OneWorld, LAN is the only carrier that serves Easter Island, which can then fly to Tahiti. As OneWorld is segment-related, a direct from Sydney to Santiago is equivalent to a direct from Adelaide to Sydney. Therefore, it is important that you optimise the long distance air travel sector rather than a low cost sector where you can buy through low cost carriers.

Personally, I like to use the OneWorld website's interaktive "Where We Fly" page to find the best way to get directly to the locations. Attention should also be drawn to the fact that some North African counties are included in Europe, including Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. On your journey, even Sudan can be considered part of Europe!

Areas of Central America and the Caribbean are considered "North America" so you can travel to Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Haiti and more at the same travel. So, despite the fact that I want to travel to Central America together with South America, I found it too costly to include another continental area in my RTW journey when I don't have enough spare travel in North America.

So far, some reports have shown that 16 segment = 16 flight, intercontinental segment is not a group. When I used the Round The World trip planner, I found out it wasn't real. A further point on OneWorld is that in order to go to Tahiti you cannot buy with the OneWorld Explorer, but have to be computed with the Global Explorer according to odometer reading.

The good thing about OneWorld is that you can make a booking directly with the scheduler and get an estimate of the costs inclusive of airports fees when you enter the data. My next essay "RTW-Flights: The " A Breakdown of Price Analysis & Itinerary " gives you an example of my OneWorld route.

You can see that scheduling Round The World Flights using carrier agreements takes an enormous amount of patience and work. Finding out the rule when your flights involve several carriers can be quite baffling, especially when it comes to route changes. And there are many Round The World "specialists" who can help you make your travel of a lifetime by gambling with different carrier combination (without using an alliance) to make you the best offer.

RTW is a U.S.-based airline specializing in RTW air travel. Since they do not use airline alliances, they allow you a back track and no regulations are applicable. RTW flight schedules begin at AUD$1699. But I think it is a good place to begin for those who have not yet seen what the outside can do.

It is the only other "Round the World Specialist" I found in Australia and finally booked with. In contrast to Airtreks, they specialize only in Round the World, which means that you can only go in one continental journey and your journey must cover both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

They not only have genuine Airlines Group RTW fares (OneWorld, Star Alliance), but also custom RTW fares that I couldn't find anywhere else. Around the world flights: If you book it this way, you can't actually earn miles/status with a particular Allianz because many may not be mates.

Following our poor experiences with student air fares for our reservations to Europe last year (they charged us a $150 per person amendment charge + any fare differential for our Emirates air fares when we phoned Emirates and said they could amend our air fares free of charge as long as there are still places available and we have already begun our journey), we were able to make a reservation for our flight to Europe last year.

In the end we spent over AUD$500 per capita to cancel the trips with them, only not to treat them), York and I swore never to again make bookings through these agents! Unless we went to Easter Island & Galapagos Island and celebrated a European marriage, I would probably buy a one-way ticket from Australia to Singapore or Malaysia, where there are many low cost carriers servicing the area.

One way to Europe, then via Icelandair to America (known for a laughably low cost between Europe and North America with a free stopover in Iceland!). As soon as you're in America, especially Miami, it's pretty inexpensive to go to Central America and make your way to South America and back!

I will show you some numbers in my next paper why this approach is less expensive than round the world airline alliances for long distance travelers (without the domestic flight within South America - unlike Europe or Asia there are no low cost airlines). And if you like our blogs or find them useful, please tell my history or like my Facebook page to get my travel news updated online and sign up to see my latest contributions!

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