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Stole Alaska Air aircraft uncovers the dead corners of air travel. An Alaska Airlines aeroplane photograph taken from the Seattle-Tacoma airport. Alaska Air Group's Alaska Air Group turbo-prop aircraft was pilfered by an agent the government described as "suicidal", underscoring a challenging situation in the airline industry: Balance between accessibility and safety. At Puget Sound, the aircraft that had been pilfered went down on an isle and killed the man about an hours after his departure from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Twenty-nine year old man - referred to as Richard Russell, according to NBC News - had authorised access to the company's planes to carry out his work, senior managers said. A fully authorised groundhandler was in charge of baggage handling for air travelers, cleaning the plane and working on a crew that carried planes, the firm said.

Airplane entry came with the assignment, although Alaska's CEO Brad Tilden said the man's work for the moment and the airplane was finished, and the 66-seater Bombardier 400 Q turbo-prop Horizon Air jet was not planned for that night. "What happened last night will lead us to learning from this calamity what we can, so that we can avoid it ever again, neither at our company nor at any other," Tilden said at a press briefing on Saturday.

Airline companies and aerodromes need a workforce that has easy acces to their devices and aerodrome, which is vital for their work. "Jeff Price, an air safety advisor, Denver Metropolitan State University lecturer and former employee at the Denver International Center, said the plan is not to create an air safety layer at the site to prevent this.

Managers said that the staff member had successfully completed various backgrounds and did not have a pilot's licence. He used a hawser to turn the aircraft 180° before taxiing to a take-off and landing strip, the firm said. Once in the starting blocks, they made drama looping in the skies before crashing, showing videos of spectators.

"Horizon's CEO Gary Beck said, "We don't know how he learnt this," about the way the operator came to run the airplane, and found that the firing in an airplane is not like that of a automobile. Ketron Island, Washington State, where a Horizon Planes turbo-prop airliner went down Friday after it was robbed by Sea-Tac International Airport, is seen from the sky Saturday, August 11, 2018, near Steilacoom, Wash.

Doing one of nearly two dozen paces incorrectly when taking off the plane would immediately cause it to derail, said that individual. Opening the plane door, however, is much less difficult, Price and the skipper noted. Officials have made changes to better mentally ill airmen after a Germanwings plane was deliberately plunged into a mountain by a Germanwings fighter in March 2015, and killed all 150 on the plane.

Last months, the European Commission adopted new regulations that will enter into force in 2020 and oblige airlines to carry out psychological tests on aviators. The Friday episode, however, is a scarce and hard to solve problem.

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