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On request, you can obtain an update on the ratings of commercial aircraft and market leasing rates here. Great news: Rates are at record lows. Intense rivalry, cheaper cash printing, aircraft rental prices: Chart

Whilst airlines' profits and air transport are still buoyant, the leasing sector has to offset this with narrower profit margin and declining aircraft salvage as China's currency is flooding the aircraft markets. Flightglobal Ascend has advised that Standard Chartered's Dublin-based aerospace leasing business, Pembroke, has been rated as the world's leading asset manager by value.

In 2016 Standard Chartered, which ordered 10 Boeing Co (BA.N) 737-800 aircraft valued at $960 million at listed fares in 2016, investigated the prospects for further orders of jet aircraft with new technologies, said Corr. "We will look into the possibility of a follow-up order, but we will concentrate on aircraft with new technology," he said, refusing to give further detail.

Flightglobal said that a tide of cheap China money has shook the world aircraft leasing markets, with China's finance now 28 per cent of the 261 billion dollars used by leasing companies around the world, up from 5 per cent nine years ago. Corr, an Industry Veteran of more than 25 years, said Standard Chartered's overall presence and diversity of customers helped diversify the leasing business and structuring large financings.

Airplane value and rental prices - summer 2018

Upon your enquiry, you will receive an updated version of the ratings of airliners and the leasing rates. The following table contains the approximate fair value (in USD) of the oldest to newest aircraft cells as well as type leasing installments per month which are also calculated on the oldest to newest aircraft cells for many popular aircraft types.

This information is based on real transaction data and estimated fair values and is up to date as of April 2018.

Aeroplane leasing articles - Options - ACMI, WET / DRY Lease

Having reviewed your aircraft use, organisational structures and finances, as well as considering aircraft charters and purchases, you have come to the conclusion that leasing is your best bet. So, what's the next move... now you need to consider which leasing models are available and which one is right for you, ACMI or DDRease.

Visit our aircraft leasing definition page for a detailed evaluation of each one. The next item we will briefly discuss is the most important features of both SCMI and the different kinds of DDEs. Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance & Insurance (ACMI) is usually a short-term leasing facility, ranging from a few month to 2 years.

During the entire leasing period, the aircraft will remain in the lessor's AOC. Perfect options for trial of enroute development, seasonality, scheduled/non-scheduled service (AOG) and start-up carriers. Leaseholder shall provide the lessee with the aircraft(s), crews, servicing and insurances on a temporary or long-term basis. Lessee assumes responsibility for merchandising, as well as directly related operational costs such as propellant, landings, parking charges, groundhandling and the economic risks of cargo and income.

ACMI leasing instalment expenses are usually calculated on an per-hour basis and the lessee must ensure a monthly allowance to the lessor. Others expenses included a security fee (usually one month's lease), the aircraft's location, and any live entertainment the tenant may wish to decorate the aircraft.

ACMI leasing example in the first months of costs: Sample airplane: Rental price, e.g. US$2750 per unit lesson (chock-to-chock). Recommended 250 hrs per year. Rental minimum: $2,750 * 250 hrs = US$687,500 per months. Security deposit (1 months lease) = 687.500 USD. What is contained in an ACMI leasing and what is not? The rental price includes:

Providing aircraft; providing adequate aircrews and associated wages; providing servicing assistance, as well as providing ground-engineering; aviation liability insurance; crewing planning; operating schedules. Excluded are: fuels and oils; aircraft landings, check-in, navigation fees and terminals; aircraft and freight clearance; aircraft tax, all applicable passengers and safety duties; aircraft car parks and safety on the floor; platform service incl. tow, thrust back, de-icing, N and O; all dried goods incl. but not restricted to headrest coverings, air sickness bag, blanket and pillow;

Aeroplane safety passports and authorisations if necessary; overflight authorisations; customs duties, entry and control duties, entry and exit duties; landings and transport authorisations and slot allowances; Identification cards (S1) on the Lessee's itinerary for the Lessor's crews or changes of crews (procedure) all travelling expenses billed to the Lessee; aircraft hold if and if necessary by the Lessor for the correct servicing of the aircraft; accommodations for the crews and technicians (min. 3 stars, individual rooms) with breakfasts & linen; transport of the Lessor's crews and technicians between the hotels and the airports; offices incl. phone, facsimile, e-mail;

Replacement parts (storage) incl. HVAC; a transporter for the transport of technicians and parts; insurances - passenger, luggage, mail, freight and risks of war; all extra expenses relating to the insurances are at the expense of the hirer; all other appropriate immediate running expenses arising from the operation of the flight, whether mentioned above or not.

Wet rental: Base aircraft without assurances, crews, maintenance, etc. As a rule, the aircraft on offer under so-called so-called dry leases are held by leasing firms and financial institutions. In order to be eligible for a carry leases, the aircraft must be placed on the lessee's own AOC and the aircraft must be registered, crewed, maintained and insured. Classicalry Leases start at the age of two years and are subject to certain terms and certain restrictions regarding depreciations, servicing, insurance, etc.

We have two kinds of Dry Lea..... Operative and financial leasing. Industrial leasing: Mid - to long-term options, usually a leasing period that is shorter than the useful economical lifetime of the aircraft to be rented. As a rule, an operational leasing agreement is concluded for the purchase of aircraft with a duration of 2-7 years. In the case of an operational leasing, the aircraft does not appear in the lessee's accounts.

Finance leasing: At the end of the leasing period, the lessee has the possibility to buy the aircraft at an agree upon rate. The leasing instalments amount to more than 90% of the aircraft's fair value.

In the case of financial leasing, the aircraft is included in the lessee's accounts because it is regarded as a purchased aircraft. Furniture loan: This is a type of full sale where a credit is provided for the sale so that property in the aircraft is passed on to the acquiring corporation and the lender just mortgages it.

Often this kind of agreement is used when at the end of the financing period title to the entity is sought because no remaining or ballon payments are made. As part of a movable property credit, the aircraft is shown in the corporate accounts under the title that the aircraft has been assigned.

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