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Become the first to post on Jet Airways (India) Ltd. Share price live, Jet Airways (India) Share price today established in 1992, is a small capacity enterprise (with a total capitalization of 2049 million euros ) active in the transport area. Decrease of 88 krore to sale value (87. 21% of total sales), freight revenues contributing 1789 sr. Decrease in value to sale value (7.

68% of total sales), other income, which accounted for 956 cents.

Breakdown of 97 krore at sale value (4. 10 % of total turnover), bagasse, which provided 172 sr. 08 Credits to value (0,73% of total turnover) and export incentives, which accounted for 58%. For the year ended March 31, 2018, the value of the sale was 47 krore (0.25 percent of total sales). At the end of the 30-06-2018 period, the entity recorded independent revenues of Rh 6010.

Forty-six crores, up 1. 44% of last trimester Sale of 5924 rubles. 85% and 6. 40% more than in the previous year's period of 5648kr. The 87 Crore Group recorded a net income after taxes of Rs-1323. in the last three months. On 30 June 2018, the Corporation had a stock of 113,597,383 issued common stock.

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JET AIRWAYS Share price today:

This is the current share price and the Jet Airways charts. Further information can be found in the Jet Airways factsheet and in the interim results. The JET AIRWAYS share price today: The last price of JET AIRWAYS trade decreased by 1.2% to 180.5 R4 in connection with BSE. At the NSE, JET AIRWAYS, the last price trade fell by 6.4% to 180.1 GS.

All in all, the index S&P BSE SENSEX stood at 36,227.1 (minus 0.3%). In the last 30 trading day the JET AIRWAYS share price has fallen by 38.8%. In the last year, the JET AIRWAYS share price has fallen by 62.3%.

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