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The Malindo Air (IATA code: OD) is a mixed carrier. Malindo, whose name is an abbreviation for Malaysia - Indonesia, stands for Premier Services, but at reasonable rates similar to those of Low Cancellation Airlines (LCC). The Malindo Air project is the result of a collaboration between the Malaysian National Aerospace and Defense Industries (NADI) and Lion Air Indonesia.

Malindo Air has served more than 100 destinations in Southeast Asia and Australia to date. Malindo Air has received several accolades since 2013, further consolidating its status as one of the world's most exciting carriers. The Malindo Air Group has successfully received the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), which is due to expire on 3 June 2018.

And Malindo Air also received the CAPA Aviation Award for Excellence, which is given to carriers that have played a leading role in adapting to changes in the airline world. Malindo Air uses two different aircrafts, the Boeing 737-900ER, which can take up to 215 persons, and the ATR 72-600 prop aircrafts, which can take up to 74 persons.

Malindo Air can now provide two different categories of flights: economic and commercial. Malindo Air's Economie Division offers 81 cm reclining seating in full comfort thanks to spacious seating with plenty of room to support the feet. These functions are seldom found in the economies of other carriers.

In spite of being seated in Economical Grade, customers can still experience the convenience of the luxury grade. Malindo Air Business Line offers customers ample legroom in the form of genuine seating in full-suede. There is a 114 cm gap between the individual seating positions so that other occupants in front of and behind the occupant on the seating position are not disrupted when the seating position is reversed.

Business-class travelers can also choose from a large selection of on-board entertainments, such as films and concerts. Not only can users access their e-mails without having to worry about the tray's rechargeable batteries being depleted, they can also charge their electronics during the journey. As with most carriers, Malindo Air provides different free luggage allowance levels for different categories of flights.

The Business Class passenger travelling on an intercontinental flight is eligible for 40 kg of hold luggage, while the Economy Class passenger is eligible for half the Business Class passenger allowance of 20 kg. In particular, for Hang Nadim Airport (BTH), Kualanamu (KNO) and Sultan Syarif Kasim II (PKU) services, Business Class passenger may not carry more than 20 kg of hold luggage.

For Business Class travellers on internal routes, 40 kg of hold luggage is available, while for Economy Class travellers 15 kg is available. The Malindo Air also allows the passenger to carry objects into the aircraft as hand luggage. In addition, travelling with Malindo Air also has its added advantages. At Malindo Air, we work with our partner airlines to develop advertising programmes that offer more comfort to travellers.

Among these advantages are reductions on hotels, reductions on restaurant prices, reductions on several touristic sites as well as reductions on shops and physical treatment in certain lounges, which can be very useful for those customers who buy Malindo Holidays parcels. Air travelers can also take advantage of the airline's shuttles to and from the airports.

Miles members, in particular those with platinum and gold memberships, also receive free admission to the Plaza Premium Lounge. Plaza Premium Lounge is available at several major airport locations, such as Kota Kinabalu and Kuching lnternational Airport, Penang lnternational Airport, Langkawi lnternational Airport and Changi lnternational Airport in Singapore.

True to the motto "Smarter Way To Travel" Malindo Air also provides a trip protection policy named Malindo Air Travelling Insurances. Malindo Air travel insurances, in collaboration with Chubb Malaysia Berhad, can provide passenger protection in the event of unwanted events such as lost tickets, lost luggage, late luggage, late departures, late departures, limited departures, flight cancellation and accident.

In order to get on the aircraft, travellers must go directly to the Malindo Air check-in desks at the Malindo Air International Terminal, which are available four and a half hour before the departure of the aircraft. The aim is to enable air travellers to screen their luggage and pass through the safety screening point before embarking.

As an alternative, travellers can also use the web check-in function, which is available from 48h ( two days) to fourh prior to the departure of the flights. All Malindo Air flights are subject to this rule.

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