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Private luxury jet charter and empty haul flights to Bangkok, Thailand via DMK and local airports. Rent a private jet flight to or from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Intl Airport in Thailand. Thailand's first private jet terminal at Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok has been opened by MJETS. There is no private jet charter flight to Thailand without a stopover in Bangkok.

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Bangkok is a surprise tourist attraction with its own international airports, within its borders. Bangkok International airport (DMK) is the first port of call for trips to the town, but Kamphaeng Saen and VTBK are also relatively near. Favourite aircrafts in Thailand are lightweight aircrafts (Beechjet 400 A and Citation CJ3) and medium-sized aircrafts (Hawker 850 XP).

Whatever your private jet choices, PBJ is here to make sure your Bangkok journey is as efficiently, luxuriously and comfortably as possible. We also offer outstanding turboprop service, as well as V.I.P. planes and even the ultra-amortable idle state. If you would like more information or detail on the diverse and vibrant service we offer, please contact a Paramount sales rep on +1-877-727-2538 today.

Bangkok, the Thai capitol, is one of the most varied and convincing towns in Asia. Bangkok's historical landmarks, places of worship, marvelous malls, dining and night life draw visitors from all over the globe. Some of Bangkok's interesting places include the Grand Palace, the Temple of the Sinking Buddha, Jim Thompson and Vimanemek Mansion.

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coordinating the detail of your private plane. It is the main town and the most heavily settled area of Thailand. Not only is the Thai metropolis the country's main commercial and government centre, it also serves as an important Indochina metropolitan centre. Bangkok is home to almost 12 million inhabitants and every year it draws tens of millions of visitors.

Whilst in Bangkok you should take advantage of as many historic places and culture as possible, but if you need a rest to unwind, head to the Mandarin Oriental Eastern Spa. When staying at St. Regent Bangkok, Thailand with atmosphere is the place to be. Located in the heart of the heart of the town, this luxurious resort provides a swimming area, state-of-the-art gym equipment and a stunning view of the town.

Bangkok Sukhothai Hotel lets you stay like a king in its suite, actually called after the famous and kingly people. You can have your private jet fitted with commercial features so you can work while you're driving, or we can offer advanced multimedia features so you can lean back and relax and experience the pleasure of flying in the private space of your own private jet stateroom.

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