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And you can talk to a taxi driver to pick you up and move around on other days. No data available for San Andres. You live in San Andres? Adds data for San Andres. You have to take a taxi from San Andres airport to your accommodation.

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See San Andres (Disambiguation) for other places with the same name. Andrés is one of the two main isles of San Andrés and Providencia. Andres and Providence are part of Colombia and are situated in Columbian water. It specialises in all-inclusive budgeting holidays for Columbian holidaymakers.

There is a rustic flair outside the city centre, with small homes near the county square, small footpaths with some areas without walkways, and many folks who hang around the roads at nights. Humans are very kind and in general the islands are secure.

In order to understand this, one has to go to the highest place of the archipelago that is approximately 70 metres high. Every native will give instructions to exactly this place, which is a regular stop for the islands touring. Columbian custom must be clear upon arriving on the islands. Ask your travels agent which documentation you need for your trip to Colombia.

There are many travellers who require a tour guide ticket upon check-in. Coming from outside Colombia, change your money at the airports, prices are similar to, if not better than, those in the city centre. Every Colombian FX is very formally issued and requires a valid ID and a large proof of identity before the national money is returned.

After a certain period of inactivity, usually at 4 pm, the cops do not allow Buggy golfers to approach the southern side of the islands (away from the city centre). It' very comfortable, secure and inexpensive (Bus COP$1700). Check the timetables, but buses are not allowed to drive around the islands (or outside the city centre) after a certain amount of work.

And you can speak to a taxi cab member to collect and move on other mornings. A beautiful sandy area near a small islet. The small isle can be reached on foot! It'?s a good place for children. It'?s not a shore, but it's a snorkelling spot. It'?s not a shore, but it's a snorkelling spot. They are all open to the general public, although the outside inner city hotel complex has immediate acces to a number of them.

The San Andres is a tax-free area - therefore the price is often lower than on the Columbian continent. Clothes is also very inexpensive and you can find famed brand names as well as high qualitiy clothes locally. The majority of travelers to San Andres have dinner schedules that are part of their package. Diversity and nutritional value of the dishes vary depending on the type of hotels chosen, but are generally reasonable.

There are many restaurants in San Andres city centre serving what they call "almuerzo ejecutivo" (executive lunch) or "corrientazo" (short circuit), which is the locals word for an economical luncheon that can contain stew, meat/fish, travel, vegetable, etc. Also there are many squares that offer smaller sandwiches like "arepas" (thick tortillas) and other locally made fastfoods.

The local kitchen is to be found in the city centre, although many travellers from abroad are enjoying the traditional local cooking around the Cove and San Luis cove, where you can taste the local dishes: There are small stores outside the city centre that sell everything from products to beers and alcohol. San Andres mains is not suitable for use.

Piped irrigation waters on the islands are not fit for humans; they come from wells and/or desalination wells. Alcohol drinks are for sale to adult (18 years old) and can be found all over the islands; they are very inexpensive, so don't hesitate to negotiate in several stores and look around.

Taste coconut water or locally sourced drinks serving in coconut bowls: Decameron is the biggest hotel with 6 boutiques and a beachside club: Posadas Nativas" or "Native Inns" pensions run by the Raizal family are another possibility of accomodation. Those are B&B styles that include a home-made typical islands breakfasts, and the host speaks English and Creole, which is ideal for English and non-Spanish speaking internationals.

Please contact your nearest agent for more information on which package is available. Appartments can also be rented for up to 130,000 COP$ per overnight stay. Near the island of Providencia there is also a wide range of accommodations. Continue by airplane or ferry to nearby Providencia. Take a cruise to see small populated island nearby, such as Cayo Bolivar, which is a few hour drive by ferry from San Andres.

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