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E-mail - AirJet Designs is an innovative aircraft design studio founded to bring the excellence and luxury of the best craftsmanship to tailor-made VIP and business jets. Interior Interior DesignPrivate TarpaulinPrivate JetsRich GirlDolce VitaAviationYachtsDesign Studios. The AIRJET DESIGNS is an award-winning aviation design studio specializing in aircraft interiors.

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The AirJet Designs is an award-winning aerospace designs firm specializing in commercial jets, executive VIPs and head of state interiors. Located in Toulouse, France, the studios have a satellites base in Shanghai, China. Provide your customers with original furnishing designs and create style that reflects their needs and preferences.

AirJet Designs, as "Tailors of the Fine Privately Owned Jets", focuses on bringing elegance, luxuriousness and refinement into the air. Being part of the Aero Experts Group, the design team also benefits from the vast expertise of the collaborating cabin air quality certified engineering staff, so that creativeness can be "realistic" right from the beginning and meet aviation safety standards.

Design your own personal aircraft with the AirJet in a luxurious way.

AirJet Designs, the award-winning indoor luxurious salon located in Toulouse, France, with a Miami, Hong Kong and Sao Paolo sales office, is recommended by The Sybarite. Our studios offer tailor-made designs or à la cart e service to suit the taste of our clients. Starting with draft designs, layouts and the creation of 3-D models up to finishing and tracking almost every requirement can be fulfilled.

AerJet Designs' esthetic style is oriented towards the avant-garde. Our studios specialize in commercial jets, VIPs and head of state airplane interiors. Jean-Pierre Alfano has received two renowned International Yacht & Aviation Awards for its Dolce Vita interiors designed to integrate neo-baroque features and to reflect Jean-Pierre Alfano's Italy and France backgrounds.

This has resulted in an airplane that has been fully converted into a villa-like environment with a floor plan of eating and conference room and, for customers from the Mid East, two separated residential areas for men and woman. Unusual touches such as alligator skin can be found on the settee and gilt glasses appear on the slide door, which separates the cab area from the remainder of the level.

Featuring a range of blacks, whites and golds, the smooth airplane is a match for men's and women's taste. The Aeria Luxury Interiors range of services includes customised cabinets, aviation electronics, padding, colour, systems as well as the processing and assembly of sheets.

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