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Select from our affordable multi-city and top routes around the world, or talk to a travel expert to create your own Round the World ticket. Each year we get the same questions around the world tickets. Purchasing an RTW ticket is like marrying someone based on photos and an online profile.

RTW Ticket Frequently Asked Questions

Which is a circumnavigation ticket? An Around the Globe ticket is a set of pre-booked flight services that take you from state to state. You can do this either by turning the ticket counterclockwise, by turning it counterclockwise or in the same way (better known as Multi-Stop-Ticket). What does a round-the-world ticket cost?

Some of the easiest ticket deals around the globe can begin as low as 879 (even less if you make it to a deal), with top end far over 3,500 pounds. Usually they are about £1,200 - 1,500 and this brings you five or six stations and a few in-house departures.

What are my itineraries? Almost everywhere where there are internatinal airplanes. Either you can book a pre-planned journey and there are tens available, or you can make your own routing. You can then call our expert team on 0333 333 9923 and talk to a specialist tour operator.

They can help you work out your destination in a logic order and, perhaps most of all, the best fare for your journey! When you are really stranded, then this itinerary is particularly inspirational - London " Delhi (make your own way to) Kathmandu " Singapore " Hong Kong " Sydney (make your own way to) Brisbane " Auckland " San Francisco (make your own way to) Los Angeles " London - which is fittingly named the World Tour.

This is the first anti-clockwise route for most UK rucksack tourists as it allows them to reach the simpler targets before the more demanding ones. What are the number of bus and tram stations in my ticket? There are only three stations for your Classic Round the Word ticket, up to a limit of 15. Actually, however, the mean journey around the globe has five or six stations.

Is it possible to operate any number of trips with one ticket? The Round the Worlds ticket is either calculated on the number of times you stop or the number of Miles you fly. Admittedly, it gets a little more complex here, so as always it is best to talk to an experienced professional who can work out the best ticket for your journey.

What is the best travelling season? Usually the best season for departures from Great Britain is mid-April to mid-June, followed close by mid-August to late November. To get the best offer, you need to be agile on your flight, as ticket prices can rise by up to 200 euros from one night to the next.

Travelling over the bustling Christmas season could be almost twice the amount of the least expensive dating - as always, make sure you do your research! For how long are the ticket validity? The majority of them are in force for one year from the date of the first ticket on the ticket.

Is it possible to modify my itinerary? Yes, you can, this is often free, although in some cases you have to foot a modification charge (Boo). Round the World Experts Trave Butler Services does not charge administrative costs, so you only ever need to cover carrier costs. This means that you can conserve your money to actually be able to go!

Pupils and under-26s often receive free date changes on those fares where those on regular fares do not; it is always a good idea to ask when making a reservation. Also, cheap airline ticket are often much less agile; if you pay 100 pounds more for your ticket, you save 200 pounds on data switching charges further down the line, then it can just be rewarding!

Must I take out holiday cover? Travelling insurances are always essential when travelling around the globe. What can I do to find out if it is secure to go to certain places? Visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website at www.fco.gov. uk for the latest itineraries.

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