Srilankan Airlines Business

Sri Lankan Airlines Business

Seats Business Class| Best Business Class The Business Class has 15.4-inch monitors with over 50 television stations, 120 films, an expansive collection of CDs and radios, and a large number of titles for all ages. Enjoy maximum private space and convenience on our widebody Airbus A330s, where remoteness and luxuries blend.

Relax and enjoy the atmosphere with atmospheric lights and bright starry skies* display*, and you'll reach your goal totally rejuvenated after your entire journey asleep. Business Class begins at the International Airports, where you will be given our prioritized check-in on the Seidenstrasse and free entry to the Serendib Lounge at Bandaranaike International Airports. The Serendib Lounge, with a 80-person and 20-person space, offers an elegantly designed and laid-back environment to meet the discerning needs of the discerning business traveler.

To find out if your airline has the new Business Class products on it, please check with your nearest checkout.

Inspection: SriLanki Business Class A330-300 Columbo to Man

Can' t even begin to tell how enthusiastic I was to be flying the all-new Sri Lanka A330-300 with its new reversible fracture mount. Sri Lanka operates a fleet of five of these aircraft. There were two staircases - one at the front and one at the back gate - as this was an A330 aircraft.

Not only was my aircraft converted from a local A320 to a A330 with the all-new Business Classic, but I was the only one on the aircraft and it was its first ever business one. The Sri Lankan A330-300 has backward facing fish bone business seating, making it available in a 1-2-1 layout.

Altogether there are 28 seating places, which are distributed on seven lines. SriLankan has chosen for its booths. Just as with inverted fishbone seating, the PC can be extended at the touch of a switch, but must be kept for take-off and land.

Located to the leftside of my chair were the control elements, which included the amusement and seating control, as well as a 110V and U.S. power sockets. There was an "open" storeroom on the lower part of the lower part of the chair on the l.h. side. What is good about inverted fishbone seating (at least from the standpoint of a single traveler) is that it is personal, even if you are allocated a place in the middle.

After flying from Hong Kong to Bangkok to Colombo, Sri Lanka, I was not enthusiastic about the services in the two slices. This does not by any means mirror my past flight to Sri Lanka, where I have always enjoyed a cordial, authentic welcome. Luckily, Renuka has more than offset the crew of the two preceding industries in this area.

However much I like big tough produce, WLAN on board and good food/champagne, there is nothing I like more than a real friendly breath. Renuka was probably the most authentic, warm-hearted and welcoming cabin crew I've ever had. Shortly afterwards she was serving me a Jacquart at my place.

She not only offered me champaign, but also cashew nuts, eye shades, stockings and earphones. Then she gave me my pick between warm and cool hand towels. Oh. She then presented me with the meal for the plane. Two Sri Lanka brand pencils and a set of pencils were taken with her.

During the whole booting Renuka kept my glas of bubbly full. She said, "Mr. Benjamin, would you do me a favour and drink another drink so that the empty drink will be there? Around 12:20 the skipper came to the PA to welcome us aboard this "brand new Airbus A330-300" and told us about our 65 minute flying trip which would take us to Male as planned.

When we came out, I was browsing the huge range of entertainments, which is much better than what is available on the other Sri Lankan aircraft. You even have a few airplane cams, though that's less useful on a night trip. Another great thing about the new SriLankan A330-300 is that it has a WLAN on board.

Naturally, I didn't really want to use it on a one-hour ride, but I thought I should try. I hoped that they had an infinite dataplan (in case I should be flying a longer A330-300 from SriLankan in the future), but unfortunately not.

When the seat belt label was turned off, Renuka came by to take my order for a quick bite. Renuka gave me another glas of champaign and a few cashew nuts after the start without even asking me. As it was only a one-hour trip, she said, "May I make you a cup of cup of espresso or a cup of hot water to eat after your meal?

It was an impressing refreshment for a one-hour ride that took place in the midst of the city. When I was given a cup of tea, Renuka stopped by and said, "Mr. Benjamin, do you know what really goes well with it? Can I get you another drink? "Said she got me a doubles. And when she found out the cup was empty, she gave me another one.

It' definitely one of those things where you "had to be there to appreciate it," but Renuka was just great. There' s business/transaction hosting, and then there' real hosting, and Renuka has clearly served the reality of hosting. I had expected in this case to climb into a run of the Airbus for hours on end.

Rather, I got a big shock on so many different fronts - a change to the Sri Lankan fleet's flag ship on its maiden voyage, a business clas cabin all to myself and one of the best air hostesses I've ever had. Can' t really expect Sri Lanka to have a few more A330-300s in its family.

Speaking of which, I should say that just after the plane flew I gave my first glimpses of Sri Lanka's new Business Class and I did include Renuka in it. An Sri Lankan master made the following comments on the contribution I thought was worthwhile: I' ve known Renuka since I was a Teenager, at a point when I wanted to go as an airman.

It is a beautiful person, full of greed, certainly a paragon for all those who strive to be cabin attendants. Happy birthday Renuka, you make all Sri Lanka proud!

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