Holly 2 Magic Land

2 Magic Land

Publish only here technical problems with Holly 2: Magic Land, 1, 1, 1.338. Your comments and ratings for Holly 2: Magic Land, 1, 1, 1,125. The first time we met Holly was at A Christmas Tale. She' s back in Holly 2: Magic Land!

Play the free game Holly 2: Magic Land for PC today!

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THERE IS NO TIME! Holly's daugher is in jeopardy, she has vanished and no one knows where she is now. An elf said she had to come to the magical land and perform various duties to be successful. Maybe in Holly 2: Magic Land you'll try to fix this terrible dilemma Holly faced?

Now you should choose not to waste your precious moment and do everything that relies on you. The Holly 2: Magic Land is a serious test for those who are willing to work harder or whose passions for travel and exploring new places know no bounds. Don't worry - you're courageous enough to get good results in Holly 2: Magic Land.

Attempt to gather them all in no time at all, and the clues will help you recognize them all. Step by step you explore new squares and approach the primary goal of Holly as she waits for her little girl. Thrilling mini-games are a great addition to the regulars.

Using your pointer, find the right ways to master the challenges. Magic Land won't bore you!

Magical Land

As Holly's little girl vanishes, an eleven tell her that she must go to the land of magic to find her newborn. Explore magical sceneries for more than 3,500 objects and create magical mini-games to help you advance. Full Holly 2: Magic Land is available: Embark on an enthralled Hidden Object experience when you complete the full Holly 2: Magic Land release today!

You can find the ghost of the saison when you are playing Holly: According to the levels, you will have to browse each scenario to find the elements on the list that fit the outlines on the computer screens, or to find the difference between two scenarios.

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