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Did anyone use Hi, there the above mentioned airline has some great offers on trips to New Zeland. Re: Has anyone used We recently came back to Seattle from a journey booking through Ticketstoworld. British-style Airways is the only airline that flies directly from London to Seattle, so of course they are very costly.

Other airlines have a tendency to use other US hub flights to Seattle (we once went to Seattle via Houston!!!!!!!!!) Ticketstoworld was offering London via Calgary, which we hadn't previously taken into consideration, and it was an outstanding one. Re: Does anyone have 3. Re: Has anyone used Watch out for individual post-raves or grievances.

Whilst many folks are reading without signing up and postting, we *very* rarely see how folks join to post comments on a particular third-party site. Re: Has anyone used 5. Re: has anyone used 6. Re: has anyone used Hi, please never use this firm for any of the reservations. they will only corrupt all the schemes you have.

After you have paid for your tickets, they will still void your tickets and say that it is a bloody mistake with the system and you will end up with nothing. IN THE END, YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO FIND A PASS WITH SOMEONE ELSE AND YOU' RE GONNA HAVE TO OVERPAY. Re: Has anyone used

Many 1 poster today on this subject. I just scheduled a 2-week journey to Corfu and it got me to do Manc-Munich-Corfu and the flight back Corfu-Frankfurt-Manc for the minute amount of £450. Re: Has anyone used This thread has been shut down for new postings due to being inactive. Hopefully you will participate in the discussion by writing on an open thread or new one.

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