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Wellcome to Bay Land Aviation! Contact details of the aircraft operator and fleet for BAY LAND AVIATION, INC. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Bay Land Aviation in Salisbury, MD.


BAY COUNTRY IS A FULL SERVICE F.B.O., WHICH OFFERS MANY FREQUENTLY USED SEVICES, AMONG THEM: Hired car: Before you arrive, please call us, give us a small amount of information, and a vehicle will be ready for you when you arrive. You will find these letting agents on the premises and they can also be collected from the central office.

Courtsy Items: Some things Bay Land wants to expand as a compliment. You are welcome to get in and rent one of our vehicles for up to two working days within the borders of Salisbury. At present Bay Land has a computer for pilot to verify the meteorological conditions, and also another computer that is connected to the Internet.

The Flight Scheduling room also has a printing device connected for printing restricted information, as well as the A.O.P.A. airport directory, a personal telephone directory, and a telephone that you can use to call the flight service.

Bavaria Land Aviation in the Salisbury Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport

Rates are inclusive of all applicable tax. There is no guarantee for the rates. Extremely kind and effective people. Your petrol costs are very competitively priced and they will quickly outbid you if necessary. When I got there I ordered a van for our trip and the keys were at the counter awaiting me. Low cost fuels and outstanding customer support.

The snake boys waited every single fucking second I walked into the lot. Definitely going back to Bay Land. On Easter Sunday, I pulled up at my Mooney for gas. I' ve been with Bay Land Aviation for some while now because I found the services in the past to be kind and supportive.

Because of the vacation I phoned in ahead and was sure they would be open and there would be petrol available. By the time I got there, I was informed that they had little petrol and could only resell 20 gal per client. An NOTAM would have been useful. Stop in Bay Land to pick up petrol from North Carolina on my way to Delaware.

Well, the personnel were great! At the end I was 5hrs late and waited for the Delaware climate to clear up, the personnel gave me a personnel van for a fewhrs to get some lunch and even gave advice. The personnel was so supportive that they led me to the loading bay for parkings and offered to help me with anything to tie up my aircraft.

B├╝ropersonal is so kind and supportive. It'?s the first one in SBY. but I had a dropout on it. Superb customer care with a queue that waits for me to come and finish with the tanker. FBO has all the conveniences and a kind personnel. You have good rates on the throttle, switch guys you get a room at corporate rates.

Pleasant welcoming interior, good IFRS work.

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