Airline Ticket Special Offers

Air ticket special offers

All SkyMiles partner offers | SkyMiles partner offers are subject to the terms and conditions of each individual offer. Enjoy the best flying club that has to offer. promotional activities As part of this programme, registrated tour operators are entitled to incentivising credit which can be used to buy flights. Tickets can only be used for promotional purposes if they are purchased through a signed Agency Jet escrow agreement. Trip offices can record trip office contingents under their principal organizational ID.

Cumulative month turnovers from all bank balances are allocated to the master bank balance Agency´s .

is the first of the following months. Discounts are charged at the basic rate, excluding tax and charges. You can view the accumulated balances and redeem the bonus credit notes via the Agency Bonus Accounts. Every 90 months from the date of payment to the E-Wallet Agency´s bankroll, your personal bonus is paid to the E-Wallet bankroll.

Should the benefits not be used by the relevant expiry date, the balance will be cancelled and withdrawn from the bankroll. Encouraging loans may not be exchanged for currency or other forms of finance. Certificates can only be used for the sale of the airline company tickets´ .

Ticket purchases made with bonus vouchers are not entitled to the creation of new bonus vouchers. Discounts are charged based on the number of dollars of ticket purchases per month.

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