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Mr Donald Trump United Kingdom

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Doctor Trump: The President points out that he may not know the distinction between England and the United Kingdom.

Understanding Donald Trump's understanding of Geography and the fundamental histories of the peoples of the world is, shall we say, finite. Mr President, I have great respects for the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom. They call it Great Britain, they call it Great Britain, they call it England in different parts. For the sake of lucidity, England is a unique country that includes Britain alongside Scotland and Wales.

In Northern Ireland, the country becomes the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is even more amazing to recall that Trump owned a Scottish course and paid him a visit on his last one. Maybe he thought of the pre-1707 period when England was not yet united because Trump was a big supporter of border preservation.

The response to Trump's testimony has gone back as well as you can possibly believe. Doctor Donald Trump unveils that he has meeting with the President of the US Virgin Islands.

Look: As Donald Trump shows, he does not yet know the difference between England, Great Britain and Great Britain.

Wrongly dressed as RTL!? Wrongly dressed as RTL! Wrongly dressed as RTL! Wrongly dressed as RTL! Wrongly dressed as RTL! Wrongly dressed as RTL! Trump made the comment during a gathering in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Thursday to fight for Republican Senate nominee Lou Barletta. In the run-up to the decisive 2018 semi-annual election, the Chairman only briefly touches on the nominee he wants to strengthen.

Instead, he zigzagged through a wide range of topics, from the instant he heralded his presidential drive to the false claim that Russia was "very unhappy" to winning the elections and denouncing the press as "terrible, terrible souls. Mr Van Miert also referred to his recent visits to the United Kingdom.

Let it be clear: England is one of the four United Kingdom nations - the others are Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Britain is also a different unit and includes England, Scotland and Wales. This is not the first occasion Trump has shown an incapacity to understand the differences between England, Britain and the United Kingdom.

Trump made a similar statement during his visit to Britain last week, which included several major protestations against his being there. Then Trump tried to shake off the rubbish after hearing from Piers Morgan that Great Britain and the United Kingdom were not the same. Trump didn't seem to refresh his policy in the following few months.

Claiming that "England" is a different name for "Britain" or "Britain" is unlikely to go down well in Scotland, where nation building is intense and which in recent years has been pushing for more sovereignty and even received a barely conquered victory to secure UK independency.

It' also where Trump possesses a course of play.

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