Taxi 5

Taxicab 5

Taxis 5 is a French comedy from 2018 directed by Franck Gastambide. Film poster of Taxi 5. Taxicab 5 casse la baraque !!!

!!!!! 5.1 Rachid's armoury; 5.2 Taser; 5.3 Umarex Beretta Elite II. Latest tweets from Taxi 5 (@Taxi5LeFilm).

Taxi 5' Rating

After more than a ten years, Luc Besson's beloved episode of Franck Gastambide ("Porn in the Hood") returns to his favorite episode of Camedy franchises. Although each new movie turned out to be more or less bad than its previous one, there was a certain charme in the caricature-like mix of slapstick humour, Gonzo street acts and recurrent jokes, in which a pile of idiot police and the only hard-core taxi driving man were involved, intervening all the time to rescue the work.

Similar to The Fast and the Furious, but with less in the way of excitement - although Taxi 2 failed to parachute out of an aeroplane long before Furious 7 - and as if everyone, both behind and in front of the cameras, had taken far too many dope, the films had a funny and stupid access to the category that worked at its own B-level.

After more than 10 years it is time again, but with a new line-up by the actors and directors Franck Gastambide Taxi 5 rolls into the cinemas and ends directly from a crag. Yes, this happens quite Literally during a big pursuit towards the end of the movie - but the movie itself is really a five-part pile-up of a humorous play, with witty scenes that meet the least common ground and then fall to the floor, and a driver who doesn't seem to know anything about his work.

It is not that the other taxi films are funny works of art, but in comparison to this they look as if they were made by Billy Wilder at the peak of his power. Gasambide designed and played in the Kaira Shopping web show of Kaira Bank, a web serial that he followed up with two horrible connecting factors, Porn in the Hood and Pattaya.

Taxi 5 does much of it, with a saga of feeble cock pokes, sexual gagging over a hot and obese woman officers woman (at some point she dropped a jumper to stop a driving car), a sequence in which a little girl is used as a driving stick, and a figure whose whole cartoon routines consist of looking at humans cross-eyed.

A Bugs Bunny scene is possible, but Gastambide expands it for 100 min, with the Italians (led by Gomorrah celebrity Salvatore Esposito) behaving like the stereotyped thugs they should be and the French trying to make us smile. Both Gastambide and co-star Malik Bentalha - the latter assuming the role of Samy Naceri, whose French policeman records longer than his French films - succeed in playing down some of their comedies.

However, the filmmaker otherwise goes off board in almost every shot, with a pursuit pierced by concurrent cases of bullet fractures and another outstanding episode in which most of the casting is sprinkled with diarrhoea. It' what is locally known as " pipi-caca " humour, and Taxi 5 does little more than throw shit at the public until the end of the film.

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