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Reconditioning; flying before purchase; inspection before purchase. To use the online form, select this link, Aircraft Registration Application. Usually you can do this when you buy tickets online.

Zoom sets are conceived so that they can be acquired as full construction sets, as components sets or as fast construction sets.

Zoom sets are conceived so that they can be acquired as full construction sets, as components sets or as fast construction sets. However, the costs can be distributed over several month or years by buying components sets. In order to mount the entire set, a follower or a large van/truck is needed, as a length of up to 14 feet is necessary to mount the spar and skin (depending on the airplane model).

according to airplane type. If you collect a construction set, we do not pack (pack) the construction set parts so that you can simply and effectively place the parts in your car. Since there are no costs for crates or packages, please take along your own material to ensure that the parts are loaded and secured correctly.

It is recommended that you take movable ceilings and flexible board to prevent parts from being damaged during loading, as well as cable and carton packaging materials. When using an open trailers, please take a large "tarpaulin" with you to keep the kits from getting damaged by dirt, de-icing salts, etc. You may need a carrier to carry longer parts, such as the wings, according to the dimensions of the car / truckavan.

In order to help you determine whether your car can carry a particular assembly set, below we have provided the measurements and weights of the full and partial assembly sets for each airplane. Please be aware that, as noted above, packages will not be packaged if you decide to collect them from the plant. So if an item of this size fits into your car, the undamaged parts will definitely do.

Please also let us know in advance about the car and the packaging material you wish to bring with you so that we can give you further advice. Please note: In our opinion a pick-up lorry is not suited to accommodate a full aircraft box. Recommended is a towed car or a large closed van/truck.

laden the yourkit is your responsibility: you are in charge of charging and correctly packaging the parts of the kits in your car and make sure that your car/trailer is suited for towing the parts of the-kit. The majority of our products are packaged and airfreighted to our clients. The price for all our construction sets is F.O.B. Factory.

If an order for a packaged set is sent to you, prepare to receive the set. Orders for full sets of products are usually sent in a large box. Our company has vast expertise in sending products all over the globe.

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