Private Driving License

Driving licence

Private driving lessons at home, efficient driving instructor displays and student driving displays that offer your children private lessons for all levels. In the private trips you will learn how to drive in your free time. The package you choose includes everything you need for use behind the wheel.

Driving lessons vs.rivers Ed

Vs. One-to-One Private Courses. Every pupil receives full tuition to enhance his driving skills. Vs. common journey with up to 3 further pupils. Often each pupil drives only 15 min per meeting. One of our parcels is the street inspection department, where we arrange dates for the street inspection, take pupils to their street inspection and use our driving lesson vehicle for their street inspection.

Vs. There is no roadside inspection available (included). Vs. The coaches have little or no previous knowledge of how to accompany the pupils on their driving exams. Sometimes pupils are given the incorrect information about their driving test. Free pick-up from the student's place of residence at periods that are favourable for the pupil. Vs. No pick-up at home and each pupil will be allocated driving time.

Pupils practise hard junctions, transport, lane changes and on the motorway. They will also practise the correct driving test skills in parallelparking, 3-Pont U-Turns, turning and street rule. Few to no intermediate driving possible without motorway experience. Every driving hour is tailored to the student's needs and wishes.

It is difficult to adapt group instruction and the trainers adhere to the rules of driving. Driving is a small private company and each driving teacher is an associate of the driving group. Vs. The driving part of the driver is outsourced and many trainers are regarded as independant contractor. Student can cut their auto cover by 10% by attending one of our aggressive driving classes.

Vs. Learners can cut their vehicle liability by 10% by obtaining a driver's license. Every pupil receives an MV-278 certification. Pupils can then use the certification to plan their driving test and take it with them to their driving test. Vs. Upon completion of the driver, each pupil receives an MV-285 certification. Pupils can then use the certification to plan their driving test and take it with them to their driving test.

If you are 18 years old, you will get a Seniors License by post automatic. Between the ages of 16 and 17, driving licences encourage driving responsibly and demonstrably saves the life of young people. Vs. Pupils are entitled to obtain their "Senior License" at the Age of 17. Are you interested in driving and would like to get in touch with your nearest high schools?

Drivers can only be trained at a high school.

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