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That ,000 taxi trip overland.

Get a cab from New York to Los Angeles. They went to LaGuardia New York City and found the chauffeur Mohammed Alam, who said he was willing to make the 3,000-mile journey for $5,000 - about $12,000 less than it would have been with the counter on. Travelers - John Belitsky, investor banking, and Dan Wuebben, academician teacher - say they came up with the concept at Wuebben's celebration of the company's thirty-two anniversary.

Belitsky's dad is a former taxi drover, and he was insistent that no taxi drover would make the journey. And as an extra benefit, he said, "I have proven my dad wrong." "How two dudes came down a taxi and got the guy to get them to Los Angeles is amazing."

In addition, the taxi rider has more than 12,000 dollars away from the meter mark, and this is one of the great city secrets of our age. A taxi rider could prevent New York's notorious cruise shipping and spend three magic day relaxing on the open streets of the Midwest.

Concerning Belitsky, he attracted a lot of interest by twittering during the 3,000-mile journey. Have a look at a travel newscast: the travel news:

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