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Writing down a few of the taxi company numbers can be useful to have at hand on your trip. Come anywhere in Alaska with the charter flight service. Hosted dispatching software for taxi & taxi companies. The currency, USD.

required when visiting Anchorage, Eagle River, Alyeska, Girdwood.

needed during the visit of Anchorage, Eagle River, Alyeska, Girdwood, Wasilla and the nearby areas.

needed during the visit of Anchorage, Eagle River, Alyeska, Girdwood, Wasilla and the nearby areas. If you are collected from the airports and have check in luggage, there may be an added fee due to the added waiting period for our chauffeurs.

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Cab riders protested against change of sector

Anschorage Anchorage taxi riders demand from the municipality measures to regularize companies such as Lyft, Uber and other carpools. "Said Timothy Huit, taxi operator, agent and spokesperson for the Anchorage Taxi Workers Alliance. On Friday Huit is not too lucky during his lunch break in town.

"against the MOA who didn't support us. Our aim is for our claims to be fulfilled on time, or we will keep on having bigger and bigger industrial action until our claims are fulfilled," Huit said. Huit is holding up in his right wrist a shield handwritten in sharp focus, 'Fire the T.I', also known as transport inspector.

"People want us to hear and comprehend that their lives have been influenced by TNCs," said Eric Musser, transport inspector for Anchorage. It is essentially a more complex way for civil servants to relate to transport companies. Musser says that he can't help drivers like Huit and others in the alliance to control Uber and Lyft without permission from the Anchorage Assembly.

"TNC's went to Juneau and Juneau adopted a bill allowing them to work outside our rules," Musser said. Governor Bill Walker in January ratified two laws that say that Musser is allowed to drive outside the urban rules that Anchorage could use. "Huit said, "We are instructing the prosecutor to take judicial steps against the state against these legislative proposals in our town.

Allianz is also calling for the town to stop issuing taxi fees until at least 2022 and to step up policing in the event of fraud against taxi drivers. "It will take a while before we have discovered and assessed the effects on us," Musser said. Uber explained in a letter e-mail:

"We' ve got an impassioned welcome from our racers and our racers. Uber offers the driver a versatile revenue stream. We are also looking forward to working with anchorage organisations to get more safe transport ers from doors to doors". Canal 2 couldn't get a reply from Lyft.

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