How much is a Taxi to the Airport

What does a taxi to the airport cost?

What does a taxi from the airport to the....

What does a taxi from the airport to the guesthouse costs? It' probably gonna be about $50 to $75 each. The Speedi shuttle is much cheaper. I' ve hired a taxi, so I don't know how much a taxi would pay, but I' m sure a taxi wouldn't be any more.

It is a few hundred hectares large and it is waillea, so it would be quite a stroll. Please note: I am a member of Grand Dailea and have been living on the site for over 150 years! On all these excursions we only hired a rental at the airport once and it was most of the times at the retreat and collected our monthly parkings.

Taxi from the airport costs about $50/hour - the parking service costs another $20-25/day.

There'?s a parking desk at the motel. It is strongly recommended that you rent a vehicle in one single date or on dates when you wish to vacate and discover the real estate. Wailea Stores are within easy reach, the local hoteliers have bikes for hire, there are great hiking paths and great places to cross the canals.

There'?s also a shuttleshuttle. Shertrave..... There was a goddamn hotelshuttle! We used to rent a goddamn automobile. There'?s so much to do and see. I' d schedule $50-$75 for a cab trip from the airport. There' so much to see and do. I' m fairly sure the Grand Wailea has a shuttles from the airport, I'd call and ask.

At the airport we hired a cheap car and never used a taxi. GW is about 20-30 minutes from the airport, according to the volume of air travel (many Maui streets have two lanes). I am sure that you can call the guesthouse (personally I would ask the people from the parking service).

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