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Taxicab Service @ 13CABS BCC's data protection policy explains how we protect the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information in accordance with Australian data protection guidelines. At BCC, we only gather personally identifiable information that is necessary to operate our company. On or before the date (or, if not practical, as soon as possible thereafter) BCC gathers personally identifiable information about an individual about whom BCC has collected personally identifiable information, BCC will take appropriate measures to make sure that the person is aware of: the most important implications (if any) for the person if the information is not provided in whole or in part.

BCC will only record personally identifiable information about an individual if it is reasonably and practicably available. When BCC gathers personally identifiable information about an individual from someone else, it will take appropriate measures to make sure that the person is or has been informed of the above issues, unless raising the person's awareness of the issues would constitute a serious risk to the person's life or well being.

At BCC, we gather and use personally identifiable information to offer and manage our service to you. Where BCC uses or transfers personally identifiable information pursuant to subsection (h) above, it must make a record of such use or transfer. All of the foregoing applies to personally identifiable information that BCC has gathered from an affiliated entity as if the BCC's principal objective of collecting the information was the principal objective for which the affiliated entity gathered the information.

The BCC will only search for personally identifiable information that is personally identifiable and personally identifiable that is personally identifiable. Most of the time and wherever possible, personally identifiable information about a person is directly gathered from that person. The BCC will take appropriate measures to safeguard the stored personally identifiable information from unauthorized use, alteration, transmission or forgery.

The BCC will take appropriate measures to delete or persistently declare your personally identifiable information when it is no longer needed for a reason for which the information may be used or shared in accordance with the Australian Privacy Policy. Upon a person's inquiry, BCC will take appropriate measures to inform the individual, in general, of the type of personally identifiable information he or she possesses, the purpose for which such information is collected, stored, used and shared, and how such information is collected, used, and shared.

When BCC stores personally identifiable information about an individual, BCC shall, upon the individual's solicitation, grant the person concerned a right of access to the information, except to the extent that: granting said right would be likely to be detrimental to: preparing or conducting legal process in a judicial proceeding or implementing its orders; an executive authority exercising a legitimate safety role requests BCC not to grant BCC a right of access to the information on the grounds that granting said right could harm the safety of Australia.

Where one or more of the foregoing subparagraphs does not oblige BCC to grant the person concerned the right to inspect the information, BCC shall, where appropriate, consider whether the use of commonly negotiated brokers would allow adequate accessibility to satisfy the needs of both sides. Where BCC levies fees for accessing personally identifiable information, such fees may not be levied for the submission of an application for membership.

The BCC will give grounds for refusing to grant or for refusing to rectify personally identifiable information. This shall not be the case, however, where a mandatory mark is accepted by a mandatory organization in specified conditions. The BCC will not use or reveal an identification allocated to a person by an Agency or an Agent or Designated Service Providers, unless the use or disclosure is by a required organization of a required identification in required conditions.

The " identification " shall include a number that an organization assigns to a person in order to clearly identifiy that person for the purpose of the organization's business activities. The name or ABN of a person, however, is not an "identifier". It is not likely that BCC will share personally identifiable information with third parties. If BCC transfers personally identifiable information about an individual to an entity (other than BCC or the individual) who is located abroad, BCC may do so only if: all of the following apply: the person is provided for the good of the person; it is not feasible to obtain the person's permission to do so; BCC has taken appropriate measures to make sure that the information it transfers is not stored, used or shared by the person receiving the information in violation of Australian privacy principles.

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