Apple Mac Pro

Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is equipped with graphics, memory, expansion, processing power, and memory. Customize your own Mac Pro with a variety of modernizations and upgrades from OWC. Apple-certified technicians test and inspect all our Macs.

Apple Mac Pro

Everything that makes a professional computer - graphic, data retention, extension, processing capacity and data retention - has been reconsidered and redesigned. In this way you have the strength and achievement to awaken your greatest visions to reality. Designed for two GPUs, PCIe-based SSD and powerful thin-bolt 2 with Xeon processor, high-speed memories and 4K movie playback capability, the Mac Pro is designed for full line high-end GPUs.

The Mac Pro is thoroughly muscular, beginning with the Intel Xeon E5, available with 6, 8 or 12 core computing performance on a single chip. These also include a four-channel DDR3 1866 MHz storage processor. Up to 64GB of RAM is supported and up to 60GB/s of RAM is available, so you can perform even the most CPU-intensive jobs in the blink of an eye.

And, because it's an ECC storage, your rendered order, your exported videos, or your simulations are not interrupted by temporary storage failures. Historically, professional computer users have depended primarily on the processor for their processing capabilities. However, as the GPU capability has drastically improved, application engineers have started to use it in their applications.

All of this lets you for example smoothly process 4K videos in full definition while at the same time renders an effect in the dark - and still have enough performance to accommodate up to three high-resolution 5K screens. The PCI Express-based SSD memory is high-speed - up to 2.4 x Faster than the world' quickest SATA-based solid-state disk and up to 10 x SATA 7200 RPM.

The majority of available memory SSDs are connected via SATA busses developed for slow rotating disks. This gives you up to 1TB of disk capacity to start up, start applications and even open huge amounts of data in, well, just a single file. The Mac Pro offers an unparalleled amount of performance in unimaginable dimensions.

An important rationale why we could do that is the brilliant uniform thermic nucleus. Instead of using several heatsinks and blowers to keep the processors and video boards cooled, we put everything around a solid block of aluminium to maximise air flow and heating capability. This works by diverting power away from the GPU and GPUs and distributing it evenly across the kernel.

In this way, if one CPU does not work as harshly as the others, the additional heat can be distributed among them effectively. A tremendous amount of innovations have been invested in the development of a ventilation system that can cool such a powerful unit. With the development of Mac Pro, we wanted to offer an immense amount of extensions - without being restricted to the amount of room in the case.

This allows you to plug in powerful Peripherals without being restricted by the number of extension ports in your computer. Plug in large volumes of memory, insert a dedicated extension frame, and work with the latest remote display s-including 4K and 5K desktops and 4K monitorable hardware accessories.

Each Thunderbolt 2 slot allows you to cascade up to six peripheral units, so you can do anything by connecting up to 36 peripheral units via Thunderbolt 2 alone. Universal Serial Bus 3 gives you the flexibility to plug in tens of different kinds of different kinds of peripheral equipment. The two Gigabit Internet sockets allow connection to more than one network.

It' the simplest way to plug in your keypad, mice and other cordless equipment without having to add anything physical. Since everything revolves around a single thermic nucleus, we were able to create a much slimmer, easier, more silent and much slimmer texture. Utilizing the innovation of best-in-class organizations in Texas, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky and more than a decade of other states across America, we are able to develop a flawlessly engineered yet beautifully detailed work.

State-of-the-art extruding technology and precise processing have been used to form a three-corner heat cored triangle, which allows for a more dense construction and higher heat transfer coefficient.

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