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Vanilla-cinnamon room scent. The vanilla and cinnamon are a classic combination. This fragrance, inspired by past memories, with horse sleigh and mulled wine, is a traditional blend of spices. A simple way to add a natural fragrance to your home.

Zimt & Spice Room Fragrances

Perfumed topics. The cinnamon & seasoning I found very scented and a very good option to meet all the needs of indoor and outdoor fresheners; I strongly suggest the cinnamon & seasoning; it is very pleasant for the senses. Good for the skin. Obviously I used to find this aerosol in many shops, but now it is hard, so I order online.

Cinnamon is a favourite and splashes drying. Fragrance is not very long persistent, but looks good for a while. It'?s a beautiful fragrance, just like I thought it would be. The best scented cinnamon and seasoning spay ever! It is really difficult to find a good odor of aerosol with a cinnamon fragrance.

It'?s a great aerosol! Immediately makes any room freshly sniffed. While I have a domestic kitten, and although I constantly keep myself busy cleansing and ensuring that his kitty kennel is kept dry all the time, I am still worried that the crowd will drop by and my home will stink of cats. Because of this beautiful cinnamon spraying I always get a compliment about how neat my home is and how beautiful it is.

I' ll show them the can sprays I got and they like it! What has been said is likely to get you more sales, so please don't ever stop using this wonderfully fragrant cinnamon and seasoning mist! It' the best scented spraying I ever had! The best sweeter and spicier room sprays I've ever tasted - crunchy and fresh without being overpowering - a little goes a long way - I'm really picky and especially about odors and detest all the synthesized chemicals I' ve ever used.

It contains ethereal oil, which makes the decisive contribution to the creation of a fragrance. Very recommendable!

Often purchased together

It is a fragrant perfume and as such has no therapeutical value. Designed only for cosmetics and home use. At P&J Trading we are a supplier of high quality fragrance oils procured and produced in the USA. We have a wide range of scents that are as loved as the Christmas wreath, as special as teak or as funny as bubble gum.

Our complete range of oil products are formulated as high concentration, phthalate-free, cruelty-free, improved products ideally suited for handicraft, personal and home use. Our fragrance oil range is available in 10, 30 and 100 ml or you can get our most favourite 10 ml flasks in practical kits of 6, 14 or 28 pieces.

A few of the applications for the P&J trade with premium fragrance oils. After a while, the cinnamon-scented cone of pinewood evaporates, but I still adore the cinnamon-scented cone of pinewood that is on sale at Christmastide. It was my thought to find a cinnamon fragrance that would refresh the smell of the stone pines. When I tried another 100% ethereal fragrance label and I didn't like the fragrance, I tried this fragrance label and it's a winning one.

So I put the stones in a big garbage sack, sprinkled the cinnamon scented oils generously on the stones (about 1/3 of the bottle), turned the sack around and let it rest for a few week... the longer they are in the sack, the more they absorbed the fragrance.

Please be aware, however, that my aim is not to make cinnamon a STARK present, but rather a smooth, pleasant fragrance in the rooms. As I have 3 pouches of Christmas pinecones, I make one pouch after the other and one vial is enough to refresh all 3 pouches over the 6-9 week it will take.

Fragrance is most intense when the pinecones are in a smaller, closed room. Prices are sensible enough for me to buy another vial to preserve this "Christmas scent" beyond December. We use cinnamon to freshen up the fragrance of the decorations I make during the Christmas time. A lot of what I have found in handicraft shops is either eye-friendly power or does not even odour of cinnamon.

It' just the right amount of starch in the fragrance to meet my needs. It is much more powerful than any other fragrance I have bought, so a slightly persistent cinnamon fragrance remains in the dispenser after use until washed. Cover doesn't provide the closest sealing, so it can spilt if it's not kept straight. It makes me feel like talking hot cancer. It makes me feel hungrier... Iol The only thing - if you're working with cinnamon, you should do a good hand washing after use.

and oh man, I had a big shock in front of me... very powerful... very powerful... very powerful... but in candle and soap it works great! This cinnamon was given to me in a "harvest" kit and I love it. It'?s a very real fragrance. I' m not a big cinnamon supporter, but I got this for my niece. She likes it.

The smell is powerful and herby. No matter how strongly it scents from the flask, it's difficult to believe it will fade so quickly in comparison to other scents in this line, but we'll see. Beautiful, powerful cinnamon scent when you are burning. Thank you for making this premium service available.

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